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Feb 23, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is meant to scope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm hearing blocks of the Portland women's expo is organs number one consumer showcase for women. It's coming up on March 11 and that's what we're gonna talk about on met Cisco today. Follows Osama I'd like to welcome CC barber CC is the executive director of the Portland's women's expo foundation. And also hammer young she's a local business owner she owns consigned to tour welcome to the show ladies hey Jerry thinks I mean yes sir. SEC we had you on metro scope last year. You were talking about the Portland woman Portland women's expo foundation and the role that clean the actual event which is a Portland women's expo which is coming up on March 11 race yet. Can you give us an update what's been happening in the last year. Absolutely so last year our focus was really on outreach we've had this and that that's been going on for a little over twenty years in 2012 it. And and then add portion of the nonprofit. And so we spend set the apple I a year 2016 just seeing a lot of outreach and letting. The community know that we have this foundation and that is actually the heart of what the effect Serbs. And so within the last year we have a new board of directors we have my current events on the counter exercising your press typically we only have. This large expo event every year that's our number one fundraising event for the foundation. And we ask us some new exciting want to succumbed. It's exciting so this is a recently he said this of the expo is the number one fundraiser for the foundation correct extract. How much money you raise. Connects well it varies from year any year or so and what's really saying is it just by purchasing the tickets so detainees at purchase tickets. And just beginning that that goes towards the fundraising efforts the day Indian banks who we also has an on site fundraising that happens which is super fun. Playoffs it's a it's a big event it is not he is convinced that current it is it is the largest event for women in a seaborne and we also have a lot of southwestern Washington woman come down very nicely and is it just for women. Well it's geared towards women. However. Everyone is invited so kids can time a lot of women well and bring their men went man. And isn't really something for every month. And and I think in men have just as much kindness. Well maybe you've got a guy used to be hard pressed to not help fund that many women aren't half. But I don't have to agree that the gap in an all activities that we have on say also helps I think that. When men do come. And they tend to come back because they have so much fun and so it really isn't bad for everyone. And a lesser you also shared your bone. Personal story with us to another kind of recap your personal stories we can kind of get a today. So I'm really CNN and last year was trainers and it was it was deer in my heart because IAA. Decided that he needed to take a step out of the shadows and and im really prayed that person that I felt the need to use speak up about. What I had gone trail and my experience I am with domestic violence so. I'm really excited for this year BK is I mean I shared my main story last year. I and that is here we have a new story and it's really a story of strength. And path. That story coming from camera. It is coming from Herat to review and talk a little bit tells a little bit about your story. I meant yeah so. Main parent of the serie I think we'll let it come out the day of the event which is going to be published in the welcomes guy. But it. I met CC because of her story and when she asked me to do this I initially was like. I was semi private two. About. Sharing it. But more and more as I got through. Refill lean which is what we'll be talking about the story it was just it's really important for me to speak up about the specific topic a financial abuse which is what my stories about how. Because almost a 100% of women that go through domestic violence. Have experienced financial abuse as well and it's just not something that's really talked about. What do you mean by financial abuse. I am where you don't have control of your money and somebody slowly manipulates your ability to even access. Your bank accounts your credit. You're you're everything your access to. Financial. Death that they that makes sense that success. Something that people really think about and while I'm sorry that happened. So when you met CC became involved with foundation what has this meant for you. And well I'm sort of a sappy person and the sense that it doesn't request. Am I'm not necessarily. Like excited to have my face in my story on the welcome belly fat part is and Koubek. What I am excited about is their relationships that I bill because of rebuilding myself that higher. Has brought me a lot of joy and the connection and I'm so hopefully and clean my story out there meeting people the day of the women's expo. That other people will find some sort of connection to that or I can give tips from people that might possibly not know their and I. I am in a situation where somebody's taking advantage of there and pregnant. Do you feel like that's happened to you over the last when did June become involved in the foundation. Just spent a few months now it's an if you mess now if you remember Gary that's exactly how I felt last year. Was the same kind of thing and win I shared my story it was. Then rip I got back was you want to did ass and my aim. My comment was I don't want to but I feel like Cheney TO. And and I can't. Even stress Howell important. That was not just army veteran of the community and my terrace and I mean. I'm still making connections is because I ain't stepped out and did that it's not the easiest thing to deal absolutely. What has changed for the better. Everything there is absolutely everything it was definitely crying I'm experience for me. In every sense of the word and it's one of those. And what is instances where you can't really regret that how fans because then he wouldn't be the person you are today I think how did. And then you wouldn't be able to necessarily make is they have an impact as may be able to because it happened so. Tell ramat. Camera what's changed for you what it is has says you have your eyes opened have you opened other's eyes. I yeah so I am actually happy and thankful for the experience at this spring in my life whether or not I paid. I would do wanna help people who share my story about me personally I feel like I've become the person I needed to become. And my eyes and open and in a way that it never would have happened without it so I'm really thankful. There must be some real misconceptions about domestic abuse because neither one of you look. From the Al Taylor wouldn't think wealth and that they are have abuse in their life you know what's what's the what's that about. Why I'm here actually ray and that's raised its so important for us to tell our stories. And differences as you sharing and tamraz a successful local local business owner. And she's also professional speaker and and I think that that's something that's really part prefer for people to understand. Actually don't know a lot about domestic fans are and who wouldn't necessarily consider certain situations. Situations and domestic violence and there is no one profile for domestic abuse what can be richer pork highly educated top of their game. It impacts women of all takes people of all types really. Abbott the ones that are often missed hidden are women like ourselves that people would never expect. And anyone recovering tram and domestic violence situation and will need help at some point in time. So mean I just hope Teresa curtain on the issue and hopefully encourage others to seek help. And also casino red flags mean even before the situation. He really takes even then. At the expo they are there resources for women. And that the accident itself isn't really centered Torrence. And it kind of I don't women for women aspect rate so will we really courage that day is this is a day's first find. This is a day for our coming out and you know bringing the people in your life whether it's man Narita children and or. And depressed and or whoever but having a day a sign in support if other women who do need help and to finish at south has really and it's growing season is sore and I'm delaying tire excuse me our campaign. Kettle campaign. Find at this point timer capital campaign Porsche and I should say. And so I am you know were really trained to get to the point where we can handle this resource center. And we can have more of an impact. I am it's a slow growing process are a lot of wonderful nonprofits out there. They're also a lot of organizations Arnie do what we're hoping to do in a certain sense. And what sets us apart is that we're hoping to have an all encompassing. And salsa scene resource tanner. So. One of the things we hope to do is if we can't provide the services that we may need to get back on their feet. Then more at least have the relationships. In the resource is to be able to point to marry traction that's something that's not currently happening in Portland now. So you can look in women's expo is coming up on March 11 and that's a gigantic fund raiser for the Portland women's expo foundation cracked. And the funds that raised during the eventual. That you spoke a little bit about what they're going towards can you tell some more where the funds are going. Absolutely sell as they say it's just plain time when our capital campaign. And what that means is that we are her. Trained to build as funds in order to actually break and I as a resource tenor. Are we have we actually are part and staff for the women's expo event. And we have a small humble process that would not support the functions. An actual resource center Aaron disappoint times to what we're hoping to do is to break ground. Sometime within the next five years. Which as you can imagine takes a lot of fun yeah I mean did that I sponsorships. Businesses they're willing to look. Back pass and what we're hoping to do refer you know not just women our community that our community as a whole. So CC let's entice everybody about the event what's going to be happening at the Portland women's expo. Well. Building him carrying indictment first communion mean. We are Oregon and southwest Washington's number one day out for women. So everyone's favorites are back we have our complimentary beauty are the massage card and and the rock while. Plus we add a net and needing you destinations and Examiner's. Well and good what does that. Well for instance and we have experts on our brand new life stage. Which is really exciting so we have to add that some phenomenal speakers that are going to be coming out including tamraz. And then we also have and a tour of it and DI YE so do yourself in tiny home. And people can explore career options. Which is really saying there's a few let's. At businesses that are coming out some companies are coming out doing some job recruitment which is really saying you know this year including the FBI. Yeah I hope I'm one stat that yes they're treating women it's happening. And Newsome and somehow to solve automatically disappear little. Yeah they idea I had heard through and that's an out that may have an. So what we're really saying and there's also. A renowned psychic run Manning from the south she's coming this all lay up to the north from the south just to be with our women here and parlance. And he can play monopoly with the organ lottery he is going to be a price is grabbed multiple wrinkle Stanley fund send her. And Anna Christie definitely wanna bring your appetite because we have over three dozen food wine and spirit banners and are they opened their will leak. Symbols. Ranging everywhere friend. Country natural beef to begin burgers. Pair siders to premium whiskey it's. Well. This is they're going to simply event it's huge we have over 450. Exhibitors told all and there's really he a little bit of everything. Absolutely everything and so. Yeah he can enjoy fashion entertainment shop saying and showcase. And a top legal and financial companies which is really exciting. Dozens and I mean dozens of home improvement specialists. Garden gurus fitness sketches. As I said earlier job recruiters and Mora. The second merely fun events yes it is and for those who haven't and before. I am conditional seek grant so we have added. We have slack bags were kind of famous first I bags and turn those who have band to the immense so. For those who are right that early in the first when he 500 attendees receive a deluxe shopping bag provided by air show sponsors. And and some of them will be Kris notes as the women are waiting in line dog and he felt. But then at those who come later we'll get a bad it is still. We've nutrition focused and it's an attrition focus gifting lounge featuring non GM gluten free snacks to super progress have we have a little bit of everything. And and something else it's really fun it just came in office yesterday. It's full size mineral powder makeup compacts would. Really excited about that yeah. The player of great things to maybe gather up all your growth Franzen and into the event gasses can which are open for. Yes men your sisters your long career and neighbors or whoever all of all of the about Foley of oh yeah. And when he moved they. He goes for the ticket price goes into the foundation which is an amazing thing. Yes that's really great that's correct camera we herb into the Portland women's expo before hey. Don't think I have. But I'm excited say go this year and I'm also. Thankful CC you mean the opportunity to speak at 1045 so. So then. So you have news sent to CC kind of hinted that you do some public speaking so as is that going to be kind of nerve wracking for you to be on stage and telling her story. Now now to empowering. I'd say yeah I feel them carrying tubular be strong enough and feel to gather enough. You share things that would in my and other people. To Latin. See if fans. That just won't yeah. And that's great good for you this is that that's a big step to take. And that must have taking some real. Looking inside to want to take that step yet congratulations thanks do you have any idea what you're looking forward to the most. Is that the wine tasting. Does that tell you limited extent yeah you know I clear. I am I love being a list of where CC NN everytime I hear more about what she's worked on presents Herman's except. I'm excited because my family is coming in and I am excited to help CC NN. That's what I am excited about the back you know because it's such a big deal she's worked on for this entire year. Jack is less SEC lesson we spoke you were the executive director of the Portland when expo foundation and now you are and what has changed in the last year. And I think this fancy news title. And unlike seems fit that my cash and and may experience with nonprofits. It just kind of shown through everything. I'll sell IAE have a love for event remaining and it's my love for her he nanny and for a making a difference. Out signs that any seeing today I am. Did that kind of show through so it is my third year with the pro women docs found. And IA was absolutely honored to. The asked to be days active director. It's something that just kind of stance I have over ten years so as to clamp on twelve years of non profit experience at this point in time. I am and surges. It just kind of is. We and then. Everything just her landed in place. So you know we're talking earlier about being thankful for what makes us stronger and makes our lives what they are in this moment. I really feel lake meaning where I am today with this organization and is an example of that. So I'm honored to be in this position and it is you know it's a lot of work. And and it is kind of and it small grassroots nonprofit at this point in time the we have. And you know my board of directors and and the teens we have some really. Really exciting things in store earn some really big goals and dreams and with the community behind us and what we're hoping to deal I think we can get back. And you know kind of hinted that it took it to pass the have a little bit of and knowledge about nonprofit that's correct yes I am a former miss Oregon. Hello boy that came out. Yeah without the area. I think what's really important about. All know where my experience comes from. And another thing a lot of people me I know is that you know organizations like the organs scholarship foundation and and which is something that was organ is involved and is. Super important in the community and other nonprofit organization Martinis service is involved scholarships are given out. I am unisource talking about relieved. In packed full organizations in the community and that is where. My name personal nonprofit experience started. I am an ambassador in a spokesperson for several nonprofits and votes Dietz and nation mind. And so. He hacked so that's where the bulk of my experience came from buy it. For those who know me in the best they know I'm just a small town country girl and IA and I what you would consider you know. A pageant girl I all so it and it's one of those those stared at it has things right just kind of landed and that missed art and scholarship program. And everything took off from their base seeing you know it's it. We Ellis we have calling in life and my hurt. Is what has led me to where I am today and the whole path getting there so I you feel very strongly about organizations that I and a spokesperson for an an ambassador for and is now to be the executive director of nonprofit. And it makes sense but it it just speaks to. When. Why. I took my divine purposes. It's it's very obvious to speaking to you that it comes from with him and he comes from your heart so that's that's the best place that anything can come from. Not thinking where can people get more information about the event. Lagged Danny Danny Danny that's PX women's expo not aren't. Also our FaceBook page we have our actual. He's a patient us on the back page so updates will be it on the FaceBook page. And drought I mean they're they're happening every day. Throughout the next couple weeks the bulk of the information and is also on our website and and he can get tickets through either the event page or the website okay. I am right now oh we are doing and early bird special all. And so we traded making it really easy for people to get tickets even though this is you know one of the the largest ways that we raise funds for the and and we sort of make it affordable to the community. So it's super easy to buy discount tickets in dance I'm living social Portland perks our group time you can also get discount tickets at that right. And increasing go to our website eight PX women's expo dot org. Where the information as posts and plan at the door there's twelve dollars so definitely definitely get deep discount tickets at a time. Now for sure so are there ways that our listeners and get involved with the proven that both. Absolutely one of them and most important ways. People can get involved as they fight is to volunteer the day before or the day and the events we need hundreds of volunteers who meet you Matt ran smoothly. Yeah and you get free admission that we tea. Steve can access our volunteer donations PGA is frowned at the PX and attacks on our porn website as well. Exciting again this year we have our online betting for the foundation will be going up the next couple weeks of something we featured last year go to those super successful so we have some amazing getaways. There were donated this year so excited began it and Yahoo! doing into the any of them. And. Just wait and and he surprises me the legal guys that eat at the end. You said there I mean they're huge there were thousands of dollars of Theo van it is really exciting sound because no attempting us. Then we vinyl attitude of what's slips and can PD examines axed are not art excellent. So it's more about the events what's oh when you walk in the front door what do you see. So I am. At the event what's really exciting Barron and kind of sets it apart is we have. Some phenomenal destinations I mentioned a few of them earlier in the sized guard and the beauty bar B light staged they'll have a speaker stage. As secrecy just like stage excuse me we met our main stage as well so we have some great entertainment it's gonna be on the main stage. I'm means each sponsor this year is really exciting so for women who have been in the past. And the siege is probably not gonna want this payments can be beautiful so we're really excited about that as well as the and I came in healthy on eight. In addition to that we have our forehand they deep class vendors so it's really same Aaron vendor plane at is that I there's a little lit. And everything so you have other nonprofits that are there. And you have service business and is you have. Local can't craft artisans who were there with some unease saying products that you're not going to be able to find anywhere else which is really exciting and you get to shop and support local. So that's always great and then of course we have our food exhibitors alcohol. Beer right spared switchers super popular. And we have our title sponsor area which is gonna be super exciting this year and is in May contain our gifting lounge. Which is also super exciting since that's one of the things are famous for or. And the foundation area that hasn't really fun theme which I'm not going to. Revealed again with a secret. I why even come out here you are getting into painting come out. It's it's just it's a great day and I love it there's literally something for everyone so it's I only say you are one man or you know woman's in the. Event as very own. Does that pretty much sums and everybody yeah I think and fashion shows are at one fashion Chad yes. Yes that's going to be predicts that. Yes just the that's just good for me that sliver relief funding to watch law and what's even in this fashion show is not a high fashion fashion show. It's a very it's just it's also sponsored. And hosted fashion show by one of our special offenders. This year he's knew it fast so is really great that they also took on the fashion show so it's wonderful about this one this year is that women are going to be able to come out and see. Other women of fall back hands and say this. Where rains real clothing. That's cool yeah very cool gas story we have about a minute left so give me all the details about the Portland women's expo. Happening march 11. Saturday 10 AM to fight aids PM et Koreans convention tenor. You can find more information and it PBX women's expo dot org or FaceBook page or in and page. In addition to that come early and only the first 2500 women receive less lag baggage after that they're kind. Poll. We're all I know. Those are not just the first 3900 people assume that if I win if I was one of the first we've Gary if you get very near one of the press hype and hundreds of best buy and a good. They've that the script it is you want to of those men are home parent I do. And leave the space yeah I had to act. Well it's been fun thanks you both for me and so today. Think Eric thank you so much for having us and we're talking with CC barber executive director of the Portland women's expo foundation and camera young a local business owner who owns consigned couture may microscope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit or public affairs organization or do you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website and submit your information there. Thanks for listening Demitra scope and enjoy the rest of your weekend.