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Children's Miracle Network IHOP 030517

Feb 28, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is a microscope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program. I'm Gary blocks of it on the show this Time Warner talked about how you can chow down on pancakes. And help a local kids all the same time. On the program this time I'd like to welcome Vicky swell offerman she's the assistant director of annual programs it always tissue indoor record foundations. And also Stephanie Pearson executive director of communications at I hop look into the program ladies. I am. So there is something very special happening in the next couple days between I hop in the children's miracle network of hospitals commute Stephanie tell us what's going on. Sure it's no on Tuesday march 7 that's this coming up do you think I couple hosted in a national pancake did and it all of our restaurants nationwide. And so from 7 AM until 7 PM in some locations even extending hours until 10 PM. Guests can come Manning get a free shorts back and I have to world famous buttermilk pancakes. And then return only after her death make a donation of of really any size to children's miracle network hospitals. And donations cumulative cash or made contact you via credit card but. The most important thing is that all of the money raised goes to support and the emanates partner hospitals. And you know. Places like Vicki got both children who truly are in need. What a fantastic things have been happening for several years now is that correct. Think that's correct and our twelfth annual national pancake day and it's really a brand's signature game giving and one that I hop and our franchisees look forward to every year. We really started the event because of the corner where family dining brand and we wanna make sure that we're helping families create more moments together. So it at the very least this is a twelve hour event on Tuesday march 7 but he could go until 10 o'clock. So that's a pretty good chunk of time how much money you're you're expecting to raise. That's right and so you know. First of people wanna know what time their I have to have a national pinky to indicated that I hot. Pancake day dot com and check their location and this year we're trying to raise 3.5 million dollars. And in the process they're five million pancakes. He really did say I have that every penny raise two makes a difference and every pancakes served as a purpose on national pancake day. 5000010 X. 59 pancakes and a single day it's all about that is incredible while that I honestly not as incredible as the word that the Children's Hospital they're doing. Well let's talk to begin about that Vicki tell us about sue the children's miracle network hospitals which would include corn picker which issues are correct. Yes that's correct down and I'm just so excited to really talk about a partnership that we've had a list. I hopper with children's miracle network hospitals. Every penny that the Reeve as Stephanie mentioned it comes to. Children's miracle network hospitals in a 100% come to the local hospital. Did that DB I hop restaurant support fell indicates that only just you don't Becker Children's Hospital. And we've had an incredible partnership. With children miracle network and with I hop. I'm restaurant. For over thirty years. Our corporate partners have really helped support the kids and our community. And the program directly support children and their families here at dorm backer and eight you know this campaign has really. A moment that demonstrates remarkable commitment that I happen to me it's helping children to accept the best pediatric care possible. And every year of 88 just a phenomenal job with participating in this campaign ends and fund raising you know one dollar at a time for dorm backer and. You know it's just just. Look at the extraordinary generosity. That. Staff & Associates and customers. Make have you contributed children why doesn't make them better and did make Stanley stronger. I'm from just really excited to be a partner. What I hop in with children's miracle network hospitals bury their vital to what we do here. It's pretty great that it sounds like all of the money raised stays local. You you can lead to a stack of pancakes at the casket station I help and it all goes to help a local children exactly exactly. That's fantastic so can you tell me about the children's miracle network hospital what what does that exactly mean. That means that we are part of a network of a 170 hospital. That provide the best pediatric care that we can to children and he crop the United States specifically we just do you dorm Becker Children's Hospital provides. Care to children in Oregon and and beyond. And that's glad it got wake that's what customers are giving to any time they make a donation of any size. Really helping contribute to our goal of providing health been teaching in discovery an outreach to our pediatric patients. And every year I hop participate and bear children's miracle network I come. I con campaign. And there they are national. Pancake day which is a big majority of giving and they participate in helping to hit a crop America. But it's for the locations that are here. Me I in our Portland market those donations a 100% of them are coming back feud going back their Children's Hospital. It's. Reno making mention I kind campaign making tests. Thank you keep peace is that the conditions says the one day event on March that in. You know first several months ahead of time we actually felt what people prime let's recognizes the children's miracle network balloons. They see I'm logo than taped up on and on a wild and things like that and and those profits also go directly to the hospital itself. It's more than just a one day event and while that's today you know that everyone. Love than he knows and is able to get their free short stacked it is an effort and throughout several months of the year to really raise those critical funds. Absolutely and if I could add ons and they respect me it is right on that the money that comes up and down the fund raising event I hop. I'm helping to facilitate go to the area of greatest need within the hot spot all. And both finds that really are or. The leaders at Dartmouth or Children's Hospital to have the flexibility to allocate resource says. When and and where we need it the most Phil. That BBI. Con balloon campaign as well that's a pancake day defined the arrangement that are going to. I hope that crucial. Keep does that leave the as we're providing our our expertise in family centered care to the children here. And did that touches all aspects of tarmac at Children's Hospital. Port is being done up in Dorn back to you since you're such a beacon on the hill for Portland it's really great. Yes I'm Paul. We are participating in definitely. World class expertise than. Like I have Cameron and you're scared of for children here so we. And we looked at it. They're failing to come into the hospital. Will we are focused on giving them back home away from home experience been making sure that. All of our and. Our specialists are there to achieve three and their families and their children's dad are. Dealing with the most experience elective that speaks to their family. So we are participating in. Really cutting edge of research. And advanced to research firfer children and they're ill equipped to make sure that they are able to. Think about it. You know you have access to therapies that they may not have access to at a different hospital there able to have access to. The best and the brightest my name's the best from the Braves doctors who are collaborating with doctors across America. Do you really provide the best care that weak yen exceptional care. I'm so they you know he. This I'd I hop. And making sure that when children come into our hospitals the leave. Better than when they came. We want to make sure that where providing a future where our we have a healthier world. And and that's when I hop that the part of and that's where it. Our our generation corporate partnerships are part of. Gary really if they if I can attempt assertions fear that neither your fear of listeners have not already gone on and looked at some of these stories. And a way to take the kids are really helped I would encourage them to do pellets in its own moving to see the work that's being done. Partners pregnant Nicky and her colleagues. Because it it truly is making a difference in life issues that and you can find those stories on children's miracle network. Hospitals dot org or by going to I have pancake day dot com and really reading about some of these life changing. And you know events that are happening for these kids are truly care of the hospital. Woman and child becomes ill will when anybody becomes Tillman family but especially a child it really has an effect on the entire family. Then the whole family needs to probably and how some assistance and ohrnberger is right they're foreign. I think absolutely and I guess if I may add we have an act the way in addition to our doctors and our positions are specialists and nurse there as we opt for having anything childlike Teaneck. Hasn't really. Allowed for up to be able to provide that care and that extra compassion and love for the kids when they do come to Torrin Tucker Children's Hospital. Where you know we're here to be their advocate and do you. Make sure that they feel comfortable all and that they are able to view. Understand what they're going thrill and why. How they're going to be treated and so it's really instrumental to do what we do here in it helps the wit to providing. Mobile phone healing experience with the children and their family at. We're talking today when Nikki Schwab from an assistant director of annual programs that always tissue and door maker foundations. And also Stephanie Peterson executive director of communications at I hop but Stephanie tempt us with so what's going to be happening on this Tuesday. Wish her. I'm not sure I think a lot of pancakes does tend to be that one. So I know one day only a place that we're gonna be giving away a free shorts back on our world famous buttermilk pancakes. To any gas that comes and then once and he made canal could choose to order something else off the menu we have a lot of gas that like to order combo if that's so eggs and bacon and hash browns an awful place but. The pain Kate and tell their free you get three pancakes in a short stack so it says. They're great deal. And in return we get out because you know some relief that donation to really help tones miracle network hospitals and really make an impact their local community. We'll also be having and guest appearances throughout the day and know that Oregon will be in and around some of the I hop restaurant and they area and so. Guests visiting that they might get it may get a glimpse of her. I haven't had a chance to take some photos and meet her purse and and then come at a restaurant you know viewed here if you wanna put some pancakes he can come and puts them pancakes in the front of the restaurant we have been grilled sat up. Edit different location then you can learn how to make our world famous pancakes with miles. By your given up the secret. Well not all of I don't well you keep you out of what bump. That's that's probably the most important part right specs here is how much money do you expect to raise on this this one single day. 3.5 million in Taiwan that. You know I would say on that day alone. They'd probably more than half of that will be raised. And then the rest today is usually in the months leading up as well but we do we do get a substantial amount of contributions. In a single day. And people can leave as much of a donation is clearly as they would like right. Absolutely it's completely up and we ask that it be at least you know the amount of the pancakes that. And I said any every penny helpful and will take whatever guest came again. And that really simple to do you can leave that and you know even on a credit card to receive if you if you bought something else and one says. Wanna leave it on there actually make it easy there is also and a lot of locations cash stands at the front of the restaurant where you can drop change into your dollar bell. And those if they're really simple way of being able to get back into you so much. So timid put on the spot just a little bit mask do you have any idea what the largest donation has been. Has anybody left Blake jumped several thousand dollar to present and. You know why I don't know exactly but we do have an incredibly generous donors who have left substantial tips like that. That's really great. Are there other ways that people can help out besides your own national pancake day. Won't share they can they can count so you know go online and donated while I hop pancake day dot com. And then I would also encourage them to look at volunteer opportunities at their local hospital right good. Really the reason why we do this is not only to raise critical funds but also where I asked her what the hospitals are doing and you know they're always looking for people to get involved and help out and says. Kids you know be there for the kids in many different ways so. There's plenty of ways to get get engaged. And all the money raised locally stays local as RA Dickey. That's correct correct 100% to. That is so great that there's not a lot of organizations and can say that. Exactly exactly BA you know he's. These funds are supporting the children in your local area. It just supporting kids that are coming into you I hops they're coming into view. And all all the stores than that we shot at Edgar A you know in our area Fella. It's a direct correlation to the family that you. Met they are interacting with and that would make that very personal. And very important. The community and how important it is that community comes in rallied around. Our children. Stephanie mentioned that miss Oregon is going to be human hang on some of the local high tops and during national pancake day which is this Tuesday. I'm thinking can you Tony how involved do you Miss America Organization is involved in the German children's miracle network of hospitals. Yes and Ed see that as Miss America Organization has really crucial part of our strong partnership. And they've been crucial in reaching out helping and three top of the community are letting members know about all the great work. Under they're contributing to you by making a donation. I'm not any diet. Through that I've talked to the miracle network hospital campaigned. On in three new other campaign go with. Other strong corporate partners as well. And it you know this year to have the pleasure working with Alexis matter. And she's incredibly passionate. About dealing. Everything that she can't bring joy to the children in the family you and so are all the representatives of the Miss America Organization and we're just I'm so honored good partner with them for yet another year. To bring really as much joy as we can see the families we have the privilege of treating here and gone back there. How important is it for companies like I helped to it and and generate all this fundraising. I'm is it would critically important and didn't. Historic and exciting moment for us this past year summer we just celebrated tarmac of the ninetieth anniversary. And debt load fraud or third and eight or nine years providing exceptional care to kids and Oreo and end all over ninety years of. Taking in children regardless of their ability to pay. We haven't had to turn away a single child we've been able to help them. And a critical funds that come in three new. I hop albums campaign. To help them do just that and again provide you with the most advanced treatment treatment that we can. So that the campaign is that it's critical to bringing awareness that they need. So we have to take care of the children and and give them a better future. And it it's awful critical in bringing awareness to how important is I am I hot corporate. And I hot managers & Associates and staff and customers are collapsed and accomplishing the mission. Still let me ask you why did I help decide to help out in this way. Yeah I mean I think it goes back to really who we are only started this brand almost sixty years ago now. You we we did more than just bring people try actually made breakfast tray we were truly a place for families to come and still are placed for failing to come. And we've seen so many people enjoy it a mile and a special moment together. And it's it's the big Anderson and low and the little ones right it's not just those. It's special occasions that the everyday moments and so for us didn't really hit it really in our DNA as a brand. To be about children and family event and giving back and national pancake day just seem to make a perfect. Sense for us and they're great bed nets were able to give something that is. So iconic and and special to our brand and be able to use that as a force of good. Mickey let me ask you to one word smooth things with the funds raised in national pancake we will look they support open door maker. They support our area of greatest need for the hospital. They began the hospital applicability to allocate read and understand where and when they need. They need it the most until we have. Critical cases that come in and to act any given moment that critical the most critical piece that word games. Can be supported what the funds that are read it this campaign. I'm so again it's just it's crucial to what we do here I'm with owl are strong partnership but I am with I hot. In other corporate partners we would not be able to give. As much support as we are giving to children that are coming all over or again and beyond. Don't ask you to how much corporate support do you have an organ. We have about. Overtime when he partnerships in order Oregon that are from corporation and as that are supporting area of greatest need for the hospital. Pound for carmaker children's hospital and are heavily involved again with the mission of what we do here in terms of delivering care. And and held its attitude to people that need it the most are irked at the time they need it the most. And we're really excited that we have that partnership with the corporate partners just because we each weekend we can't do what we eat. What we did so without their help. So really excited that I hop it is wonderful partners then where stokes played for their annual. Commitment to end for their strong effort they do everything they can't every year to let the community know about how. Believe it and how to meet that need. And so much of the work that's being done open door Becker did affects people locally of course but also throughout the state and throughout the country and I'm assuming throughout the world correct correct. That's that's broke pretty assuming that that's happening to us right until I can I conceive his ultimate in the right now only to your hi there. The last couple minutes we have here Stephanie tell us again what's happening this coming Tuesday. Sharon keeping march 7 from 7 AM until 7 PM EST can man on national pancake day at any I hop restaurant. Across the US and even around the world in some locations and get a free short stack on our world famous buttermilk pancakes. And in return we're asking guests to make a donation of any size. 22 children's miracle network hospital village dorm Becker the part of and all of those donations will then go to help. Good critical care that he had prayer for children. And 100% goes locally is that and. 100% goes locally to want to raise the DI hop and that area. How is that possible. How do you do you have any. The beauty of children's miracle network is that there are able to really help finals but he did says. Find back to where they're supposed to go. You know having that network a 170. Partner strong. Allows us to collect. Found that all of our 16100 locations around the US and make sure that it's going to be appropriate. Children's Hospital. The Stephanie I know you're not local but Mickey you are. So which which I copy and go to. I am going to make his visit to all of virus. Spots that are supporting has value I had opportunity could be a bit. About five black that we can this week I'll visit another bat and our. Mr. origin of 2016. Well I'll put join me in visiting the I hop and really being keying every one for their support. Did a bit. Efforts crucial effort and meeting the important need for our children and their future. I'm not as we get really excited for this year really excited for national pancake day and I really. Encourage anyone listening who want to be involved in children's miracle network possible. And wouldn't let that we have that they go on I hop pancake day dot com. Or it go on the web stay out of I've always just you don't Packard Children's Hospital. And really find out how about the great work that you are participating in that that you can get involved in a while. It's going to be a great event it's Tuesday and all local cops and I helps throughout the country. Elect Emanuel to be on the show today. Being here now is wonderful. We've been talking today was Mickey shall offerman assistant director of annual program that always tissue and Dorn maker foundations. And Stephanie Peterson executive director of communications at I help. Mental scope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit or public affairs organization or do you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website and submit your information there. Thanks for listening Demitra scope and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Of course I want her kids to eat fresh Hannity foods all the time. But we don't have a supermarket nearby so he could challenge highways we were closer to good health care because of our songs Asmara. Frankly it's scary at times. I do now for a family to live in a nice house near grade school book but none of these resource is exist in our neighbor had what are. Many variables can shape the outcome of children's lives like to zip code where they grow up. That's because not all communities have the same opportunities such as quality schools and housing. Fresh food and good health care. There are many ways to improve communities so everyone has a fair chance regardless of zip code. You can make a difference joined with Hud and local leaders to improve your community. Learn how Hud dot gov slash fair housing. That's Hud dot gov slash fair housing. There housing shared opportunity in every community public service message from high in partnership with the national fair housing alliance. Bad premature birth is the number one killer of the beast. Those who survive often fees for its effects and complications and affect them for life. Healthy breakfast the dream of every parent. For hundreds of thousands of families with their baby born too soon. The reality is they're babies personal opinion and intensive care unit. 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