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Mar 7, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is Mittal steel and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Yuri block so. From now through April 15 you can shop throughout many grocery stores in the metro area and help out babies and families Ed Randall children's hospitals. It's the cards for kids program only talking about that in just a few minutes. But first let's take a look at Randall children's hospital and welcome to the program doctor Sean Sweeney. And neonatal intensive care unit or nick Q doctor Ed Randall Children's Hospital. We'll show doctor. It certainly so let's get started please let us know your role is that Randall children's hospital and give us some background information on yourself. So blue background I am actually from Portland map actually born here. I didn't do my training here for a comeback tour directors serve. Their practice here they're a little over eight years if hard core group of Munich out of his putt north course you want specialists. And what you accused him removed and what you gonna eventually tossed it. Also I am very open quality improvement we're commissioner's. Hand I am the person. Limited to I mean. You driver behind the family immigrated here. Program that we have promotional contract now she's. How do you does newborn babies do you see any here. Our group. We can see you see several hundred babies are here period kind of come and go at different times got. Our our average census. Somewhere around thirty babies how many different. And so some babies they've served two days and somebody who's a few weeks and somebody reached several months will always be the longer she. What are some of the reasons maybe would be in the neonatal intensive care unit. So there you know there's been you know intensive care unit it because we're all sick baby girl so it's kind of a big and catch him or not. It's not just so pleased were premature baby girl also by far in the way most companies in the Q birdies record prematurely. But any problem that requires. Medical intervention. In a newborn come to an accused of some of those problems or genetics circle or you know congenital heart disease car loans or. Or things that are wrong with various organs and her body and oh we don't managed from birth brilliant so they can get out of the hospital. He's in most of the babies are premature. Okay. How premature can BBB. So. Yeah. Right now. We. Anticipate babies down to about 23 weeks gestation so. Up to about two thirds of the ways through the pregnancy murder oh only actually a little more and more a little lesson that. And that's kinda towards the limits of viability. Across the world there are some places though occasionally you're resuscitate baby could turn into weeks. It's it's really hard to survive proposed or gestational ages for a variety of reasons that just simply put. No one billion or birth prematurely all of their organs are immature and the more crude to Europe the mayor Richard or friends nonetheless folks knowing you are. Which makes it difficult to keep those days a lot of us there aren't they incredible risks her life is things because of their maturity and their weakened immune system. I'm getting better. At any stage and mean something that you can do and you won't even bigger imprints you can't do and tiny premature infant compared just too small. A premature may be euros sick newborn of any kind house have a gigantic impact on the entire family. Can you tell us what do families typical experiences. I mean clearly no one wants to ever and opened in the Q do you know I always hope people don't. Remember or therefore dismissed help people through it I mean obviously it's. It's not what you expected grew recently that your birds have a baby so just and missile Sharpton and other health can be very hard and the minute Q do you. No foreign place to most people. We learn the babies small I think also led America that all kinds of things and some are tinier and sometimes beyond it and it can even hold their babies. I know we lose they're continuing to try to. Make that experience better for our families and families are very important. Truth the development of well being of the baby's birth. They can be very difficult and very challenging. My parents say that go to Munich Q do you know came out and uplift. You know peachy as he. Summers also wiry and so postpartum depression and simple Monsanto. Who have babies in the mid June which is not really surprising if you think about it but. There's a lot of psychosocial. Impacts of being in the acute. And we continue to try to figure out better ways to China to support Austin didn't. And as you say that's not surprising that there actually isn't surprising that everybody goes through such an impact. But probably eight years ago they didn't think it was in those terms that. No I mean you know really the whole. Postpartum depression things no we've known about and Harlem Harlem medicine. I started becoming a bigger and bigger focus in recognizing. That impacted the parent I'm Kim who's been turned delta Dem support because. In the past that they are roll their community columnists who have proved very Greenberg's focus on the baby tomorrow. Apparently is integral to the baby's care persist. Something's there we have it really created the infrastructure poor or that record number we continue to try to look I'm not an unfair. If it's still a work in progress. I assure. This is all part of the Stanley here. Bob it is in this sense. An overarching goal family is good cares so create a better more welcoming. Stable environment for the Stanley supercomputer. The baby's some sort of a long list of things although at that. Interpol I mean it's not like you couldn't do components and integrated care without it there supporting the Australians is really important and actually. And one of our goal is to help us all to dedicated apologist what's available to support them is. Owned and first all became an acute it was a stressful place just to try to help. And make everybody's moral move is doing and and Erin told the babies from Carol O'Connell. How does the work that's being done Randall Children's Hospital. Differ or it who is better than other hospitals. Well let me inform us like quality improvement that I continually trying to improve the way that we do medicines to employ. Nikki you know impose the kind of thing of the curbs and you know there's a much bigger personnel and medicine in general or everybody have to do that has occurred you know just take interpretation. And if you have sort of been spearheading this room and and you know there's been going on heard thirty to forty years early. And so we're kind of read so many other units from we were pretty early adopters as good as a unit of quality improvement or can we continue to have multiple calls improvement project current armor no current. Trying to make her look better. I'm not one of the things that are unique to us we have I'm very. Nice physical space hard for families in Beirut that's. I ran a Children's Hospital that my element to our lucky enough to have. And then third noon. You know kind of focus group that is almost interpret transform their focus what they're doing it very clear now. Eagles for the future. Well are bitter cold food. Further failure here is true. Trying to make it look available for all scrambling. We're still working on the process behind that I'm. It did actually. Fairly big shift. In the way that we care for babies and barely but not suspended from the components of their mouth and things that we've been doing over current. It just making it more of that focus and realizing how important the fairways are a baby. You can really. It helps to have me do I think about back to what we've done in the past in the next year and that's. You know make you used to be a place than still in the world there are from the here's where you can you can you can go visit your baby for maybe are there. And you've varies like in their program America let they're Gupta all these things when you're you know you're not allowed your baby you're. Very little out of touch your baby home and there was a time and we talked about all the best things really been because they're so fragile and even little disturbances and can problems problems. We sort at all these barriers between the families and a baby. You know retirement weird you come to realize that barely heard a very important in the health and wellbeing of the Israelis and really you know. Simply back that makes sense but you know how do you. How do you work you can interface and maybe that's sort of technology and it'll allow apparently pulled it Matthew Perry and environment and hope the parents feel that they. How the ability to interpret her baby in what they're not gonna go to do all the things that we do. In the neonatal icu wolf and really trying to do is sort of changed. Some of the role of the nurse from the staff. To being mentors for the family through increased seeing what the Stanley can do for their baby and where they're going to be. Although interaction I have a positive effect on their bravery. I'm one of the big things that we've been working on her. No number of years now can compare. I'm skinny as can scarcely help. Lute premature infant brain development earlier. Ha then I wouldn't damage there are in the more available can increase the time the question can this compare. I'm also empowers families of the world than when they're on the go home grown great through this model they feel they're more ready to go the other spend more ball survey Ribery contributor for in good. Historically they weren't able to do a good occurred two days before you get out in the cute time ago guaranteed to do. We'll get shut the door and and that was pretty hard for brilliantly so. It's just trying to help ailments and more partners and a terribly important I don't. You know bring them home side put everybody's third as the equal share. I'm helping get these babies. Having a full term healthy baby has got to be scary enough. And it and so having won the need some help. While access to lower pressure. Oh it is then and it's baby step for the they have ways to me it's not quite clear like okay well Barry gonna do all this stuff. It's like we want out but we wanna help that there only be able to do is marked with their baby possible. Than you know further tiny premature and very you know that's. Really scary for a lot of family because they look at this baby that super tanyon. And while it is gradual there there are afraid to touch it in America that oftentimes especially in the beginning. They're helping them understand that that's such an interaction actually happened upon the fact on these babies are reduces their chances for disabilities. Can reduce them directions that they did amended you know can it improve their general well being going forward alive. We're talking today with doctor Sean Sweeney and the Q or neonatal intensive care unit doctor Ed Randall Children's Hospital. Randall Children's Hospital is the beneficiary of the carts for kids program. And now on the program I'd like to welcome Dave Cleveland David is the vice president of Kos hills northwest and the co chair of the carts for kids advisory board pay their Dave. Jerry are you doing great so we wanna talk about the cards for kids program explain to us what exactly that is. The course for kids program is paid gross sure the industry. Charitable. Program where manufacturers. And retailers. Harder. With Randall's children's hospital and we developed. Programs. Everything else for attacking program advertising. Related to bolt manufacturers and retailers to. Manufacturers sponsor the programs so we we come up with faith a contract between the manufacture. And rails Children's Hospital. To created the tag program that runs from march through mid April. Each and every year this is our founding year our first year with Randall. And what we do as we work with over 300 retail stores in the Pacific northwest. And put tags out there and all proceeds from. The country that we worked out the manufacturers. Goes back into Randall children's hospitals specifically to be an acute. Neonatal care so it's it's a great partnership between the within aggression industry. Between manufacturers and retailers. So let me get this straight I go out shopping at one of your grocery stores. I find the item with the Te'o-Nesheim buy it and some of the money that I pay goes to Randall Children's Hospital. That is correct we again we partner with the manufacturers. And the retailers support. Through their tagging effort they approve it at the retail level. And so it and that partnership those proceeds to go towards the residential and hostile yes that's correct great salute some of the retailers. So the retailers in the Pacific northwest we have to win Coke foods Safeway and Albertson's. Fred Meyer and several independents and the Pacific northwest from. Southern Washington Vancouver area all the way down to. The border of Oregon and California and my guess that if it ever upwards to 280 to 300 retail stores. Sounds like he be pretty hard pressed to not finer retailer. I'm correct that's correct and in the Pacific northwest yes we've. We've covered a lot of that Terry grocery industry correct what does it mean to have all those retailers want to participate in this program. Well it's it's a great partnership there really is scary if it is a wave for manufacturers. To expand their their brand lions. But also through retailers to have another vehicle to Utah way. I'm very worthwhile. No organization in terms of the hospital. In with Randall children's hospitals specifically. And anti that consumer. Two poles you know those brands but within their store so it's again another way to expand its. Their their focus on giving back to the community for those retailers and they recognize that and that's why they supported. What motivated you become month but the co chair of the advisory board for the cards for kids program. Well I think first and foremost. I think it would be a just focus on the kids specifically. And true Randall's for the hospital we've learned along the way. Just to work that they do and how to tackle this simple Sam ways and to communities think that's first and foremost. I think beyond that within our own grocery industry we wanna pay it forward and can give back to the community. And this is a way to tie bolts manufacturers. Who have brands that they wanna sell to retail stores. And retailers who wanna sell more products through their retail stores because they operate next to the business. A great partnerships tied together with the that your old contributions. I think as a as a win for all parties. Did you say this is the first year for the cards for kids program. It is it's the first here for the courage for kids program I will tell you that. For over more than thirty years there has been made a crucial free retail. Charity contribution program. With with different hop hospitals and organizations. This is the first year of cards for kids specifically tied to Randall Children's Hospital. And I've got to tell you it's it's been a great partnership there right out of the gates we have over fifty sounding manufacturers. That are participating in this program from year one for us. And with over 282300. Retail stores. Again right out of the gates we are we're looking for a longer term. Sustainable program and I think we have that twist. That partnership but also the resource is that we didn't provided within. Randall Children's Hospital from. Resources in terms of attracting and PR and marketing and communication has just been a wonderful partnership. What kind of work and planning goes into putting this altogether tones like him quite a task. It is it is you know we can within the grocery industry we we have full time job so and then some would do in this industry. And this is a wave where we have an advisory board of up to assist team members to cut across known only manufacturers. But also retailers did a very diverse group of not only you know different organizations. Some that we compete with each other right out it retell. That we've built an alliance and partnership also focused on the same goal is to. Earning money to give back to the children's hospital and tutor kids we are committed to that. So that invited advisory board is you know put together. For that purpose and it we've got a great relationship from very diverse thoughts and ideas to all with the same goal in mind. Can you tell us about the money raised how much are you expecting in May and how is he used. We the a year won a world we're projecting his and again this is still determined because these. The event actually is running marched through mid April. Projected today upwards to 200000 dollars in year one. You know we're gonna continue to build and grow and developed you know additional programs and support. Knowledge for manufacturers. It's Grossman that partnership but also with the retailers. That we continue will continue to grow that each and every year for that same same time period. So they tell me did the program receive running Brees running through all of march up through April 15 so essentially through tax day. Right correct you know on do's and shopping and many retailers Tulsa retailers can. The retailers would be window food. Safeway Albertson's. Fred Meyer Q of seeing. And several independent retailers across the northwest. Can tell us how the program we're tree on myself for those retailers in the money goes to. Correct and it goes to Randall children's hospital and this is a partnership between the manufacturers who are supporting the program for the retailers and the retailers that had mentioned. Actually execute the program with specific. Person for kids tags. After shelf based on the brands that are participating yes. The result he now agree first yearly helped this continues for awhile right here do as well those are hoping for. Correct yes we we believe that based on history based on these soundings first year in this partnership with Randall Children's Hospital that. This group will be a sustainable program between manufacturing and retail partnerships. Possible they Cleveland. Coach your cards for kids advisory board thanks to be on the show today. Thank you Gary appreciate the support. Now let me bring back into the conversation doctor Sean Sweeney with Randall Children's Hospital so doctors we let me ask you what sort of impact do you believe that the cards for kids campaign will have on the hospital in the children that are treated there. Well remained importantly. Everything in our world requires money and their cards for kids campaign provides us resources to do things we can't necessarily viewed through other channels and other means. So will it supports initiatives. That help improve the quality care first all the children in the hospital not not just the children in the next two years. And Ben Nelson is trained staff get equipment that we needed and you know. Go to do things that you know I'm not necessarily in the hospital budgets. I you know improvement it's something we are as wanna do but it's not that not everything discreet and unfortunately we need resources that then had it helped us greatly over the years. What lots of different quality improvement projects not just in the nick Cuba throughout our hospital. Or just really let me also ask you what was your motivation for working in the neonatal intensive care unit. Well may have some. Are you end up weary enough medicine is myriad complex story a lot of times apparent that this simple thing there's. Working with the babies and the families bring me joy. I love what I do I mean even know what I decent chances are. And heartbreaking didn't they're they're provides. A lot of rewards for me as a person and I feel like you know I'm contributing and doing good things source society by doing. Some. Let's grade them sets of sounds like the best motivational. We've been talking today with a doctor Sean Sweeney in the Q doctor Ed Randall children's hospital and legacy Emanuel. Thank you. Mitchell's bill is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit or public affairs organization or do you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website and submit your information there. Thanks for listening Demitra scope and enjoy the rest of your weekend. My cynical I don't I don't have come not only tough competition. And also a lot of heat. Military strategy and I know firsthand how painted into action might. 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