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Salmon Superhwy Project 031917

Mar 15, 2017|


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This is microscope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm gearing blocks them like gets your attention if I say beer and fishing. Well let's dive into microscope and see how that you're connected. On the program this time I'd like to welcome Jim cruising Jimmy is the CEO of pelican brewing. Also Terry Turner or you council chair for Trout unlimited and also Terry hits apiece salmon superhighway project. And then Devlin is tourism director of visit Tillamook coast welcome to the pro organized. Here. And certainly so Cherie I think we should probably get started if you love what we're gonna talk about on the show this time is something near and dear to most or listeners hearts I think drinking beer in the end fish. So Terry let's go through if you that you grew wanna talk about the salmon super highway program what is that. Well doesn't super highway program is. At a heart they fish passage project that encompasses. Pretty large regions form accounting. Don't project started it's. What normally conservation projects were to not create. A team up tactical people evaluated. Viability of removing fish passage barriers and improving access to fish habitat what was she learned. Was that there were on many community benefits in addition to removing those fish are superiors because. Many of the various reports. They failed urged residents and so what creates a lot of economic hardship Potomac county sold. Partnership groups encompass. Dairy farmers. The queen Marie Tillman county public works sort so large collaboration of sort of unlikely partners that have a common goal. How long of these blocks been in place. While it over serve quite old they've been in place probably forty or fifty years. At least end. Many of them are undersized and don't accommodate the fish passage. And the employment visa leave with a breeder in shore not so great it's all sorts of problems for. Our road. We're failures and access for our community. So since is mortgages have been there for so long and what of the salmon min doing otherwise. Well they've used this habitat that's available to them. It's just not as much as they as they could have so. Our our goal for this project is that we've identified. 93. I know I equality fish barriers to be removed. I'm not allows finish. And access to approximately a 170 miles from additional habitat they wouldn't help today. Disseminate don't mean to swim upstream respondents are correct. They do they need to swim upstream despondent that's kind of book first that you're the first thing you view when you see a block culvert but the stream function is really important. To be connected throughout the season so. When streams still low and the Colbert scorer on our. Our career is sloppy this for the stream and the juvenile fish don't have access to habitat during certain times of the year or so also. The impact extra little finish and their ability to show dog turned their furor Q&A partial. What kind of salmon population is there now and what will the difference beat. Rhonda and great questions we we think that we can get as much as you know potentially ten to 20% improvement each of the current populations. And and bill populations very because. We're looking at habitat for. Our spring and culture and our steel. Coal. And also elaborate then spend. You and cut throat as well so there are a lot of different populations it's hard to estimate the total. The total salmon populations because we don't have great and ways to monitor the population health other than. No sport fishing tapes and spend some. Don't chunk Jewish council we detect. Once the word itself is similar spread the word right and in the killing everybody back there. They're very good at utilizing ballot that once made available to edit any time we. Who do barrier or are created some off channel wearing habitats such finish utilize that. Space immediately that's almost that it's crazy how quickly I confinement. Simmons superhighway program underway currently. Yes it is we've actually been operating for a couple of years now. And we don't if you project under our belt already and it's it's been pushing to note that. You applauded and Potomac it's experienced a couple of years ago. On the project sort of been completed at that time. All survived upload them with no real damage and no block shots sentence for congressmen of the call we're sound and repaired created huge road block shots and damage that Costa candidates spend. Millions of dollars and in and unexpected funds to repair. Dan mentioned bill tempered produce so people can get can get access to hold two roads and demand services. Certainly seems like we hear if you're in Portland and in our area we hear about love and coastal flooding all the time and washing roads out and won a one is out again. Is this going to be helping with that. I'm good compared to you know may not help put you know this huge floods that that in fact 11 but. There are many many miles of community roads. Access roads for. 44 residents for. Dairy farmers especially that the dairy farmers have to get their products to the Kremer and every day and a bad access is blocked then. Third their ability to make a living and operate their farms it is severely impacted and so amenities your new uniforms and there is our. Our inside my remote locations and in a lot of time there's only one actual stroke to a from the farm so so Anderson stream you can imagine everywhere tributaries of blood of the primary river systems financial accounting about back from the impact and bunched one events and so if you install virtual doorways so. Health help improve the community action as usual. I'm I was just gonna ask how would how long do you think this so some of the cells salmon superhighway is going to project will take. Well we found we have a target of ten years. Fair and a monetary goals 34 million dollars to. Are completed all the projects off all the monitored projects on the list. We're about a quarter of the way through that now roughly and show. So hopefully we can raise the money and organized a project similar looked. We can meet our goal in ten years. Them introducing Mandela and again and is he tourism director of visit Tillamook coast. And and what will this mean for the lead tourism of of Tillamook. Well you know it is is it working to play. When you're talking about when Terry was talking about the culprits on the county road speeding repair. I'm a 30% at a park county transient lodging tax. I'm goes toward. Its specifically designed to go to the public works general and the roads department. So the first year. That we when we had a flat I believe it was and the latest on this and they 2015. And so many county road culvert. Where we're Roland it's. We were able does lodging tax was able to bring at least a million dollars toward. Road repair. And and it's continuing. To rise each year they amount of money that goes toward brokerage here in the county so. That's one impact the tourism pants aren't. Helping with salmon habitat and the famine passage way. And what the salmon in general mean for the organ coasted means a lot rate. It means. I'll pop a whole lot army Tillman Tony depend on its natural resource is really for all of its industries. Dairy farming and commercial fishing and timber and forestry. So it but tourism bombed depend on. Send out tore her excuse me the natural resources in particular because we promote outdoor recreation and I Pretoria some. Calm even our cultural assets are born of natural resources. And come up of course still my county is known for recreational fishing and and it's in the thick year round activity is it's about a hundred million dollar economic impact. Cheer and Sam Malone. It's worth about 53 million to the local economy. And so to have to make sure about our our. Finish. And especially our salmon com are able to try and is. If you it's really very very important not just to tourism but to the economic stability of the county. What's been the reaction from north coast residents. And regarding the salmon superhighway. An analyst you a question. Oh me I'm weld it's out there and spam I've been to several of the Sammons superhighway would meetings that it could help throughout the county. And if it's almost like it's something that really connects people here. Every run I think you even if they don't. Go out and fish. Frequently. It's just kind of the heart of the help of this county. And if you artists fisherman you're married to one or you know one another step for all stand. It's it's. It's really a hard and that's the one I can be it's one of the things they're really cute Mexicali and the people. I'm just you know I'm not splintered along count me it's from its seventy miles pond is from Manson either attend Africa went. And there's an avid fisherman in every town. Like you see if you aren't a fisherman you release no fisherman I think everybody has it has contact of some sort of and probably likewise about beer drinking either you are beer drinker or you know beer drinker. The reintroducing him Jim printing CEO of pelican brewing company. And Jim how are you guys getting involved in this. Well. We found out about the project about eighteen months ago and at all. And we came together at a perfect time because we just wound out what kind of the wound down our support of special response butterfly project which is also local it's so much Tony. And was Strom feel part of the restoration of the source Bob butterfly habitats on mount kibo untested had. And so we were looking for new project to support and you know something that they've even fits built bill local needs even better. And so we can have her eyes out looking for something. You know community support and of all missile being it's near and dear to our hearts com. You know it's almost being you know one of the more rural town is honesty really relies on its businesses and citizens pitching into it to get things done. And we recognized that and know that we are extreme to work because it's still working live and play. In the you know such an amazing place and specially built a brew beer. You know it's such such a gorgeous. To our community is really awesome so it's very important to us that we do our part to. Two to support our. So we have Welch from two which are public works and introduced us to to Terry and and his team. And you know capacity which I don't know what the project wasn't what it was about it was it was pretty much a no brainer. It's right in our backyard you know domestic markets ms. Tucker were ever wanted to reverse prevent a project literally flows you know right behind. Our our founding restaurant and Fareed in Pacific city and we get our water from. You know that the polar watershed from the other rivers. You know goes and tore beer. And oral sportsmen and the fact that it supports the community as well. You know in many ways both economic and and otherwise I just really it was a perfect trip for. For what we are looking for. It was a good water there wouldn't be good beer right. Amen and we have fantastic water until our work done any curse. I'm getting most many brewers actually have to treat their water with some with the minerals to particular brewing quality and you have to filter it and they have to run a true Kodiak and say there some thing like that we don't do anything to it other than sanitize it. And our listeners can help out too great they can drink your beer and and and help out the salmon super highway tolls about. Yes so are we. The when we get behind a project the best way that we know how to support it is of course to to brew beer fourth and you know we've got a growing. You know not peace and in the northwest. That allows us to to speak directly consumers and so. We decided to to brew beer I'm in support Mr. Mister Trevor project both. To raise money for it and also to you know generate. Awareness about the program. And so we started on the path of a developing appear in so assertive thinking about you know what sort of beer you know is reminiscent of the rivers and solar Caribbean series is about clear blue flowing water and Crispin. And all those you know sort of imagining you know concentrations in your mind you're thinking about it. And there was really only one style that the truth and that's upholster. The other classic northern German style. It's super clean and crisp and refreshing. And so we've we've sent out says to develop Iberia that takes a throughout three 36 months to develop a new a new beer. So we've we embarked on our process and launched five then West Coast told her. This last fall and October. So it's a passion project. It is absolutely under percent of Miller is five feet in the name five income from. So there's five species of fish that are primarily I don't support about a project so I have. We decided statement after those five finish. And where is available. It's available been retailers all over the state of Oregon. And of course income of civic city and and come at a restaurant. So that's a that's a solitary man let me ask you both what does this mean to have pelican brewing so involved serial start with you what does it mean of them and so involved with who many aspects of the of the organ coast. Oh man that's it's so important. Mostly for the reasons out of the bulk of the people don't make up the project she did you order. You know what conservation minded folks were agency's fish biologist both federal and state. And and so many of us are are really focused on. Armed with tactical aspects of restoration project spoke. Were not very good at marketing your awareness around region so. Well I'm not only. You know the funds that I thought pelican upper provides probably more important for us is. You know the marketing and outreach and awareness that the upper brings to the project is. It if there's almost unable purse to calculate the value of that so. We we can't thank pelican enough or not only. You know making a great beer which I can personally attest to host the also. You know providing the avenue for us to get the word out and and showed us. Community businesses are really can can take part in impact project. Like I can attest that you guys are telling her about this project is because of pelican brewing you know that's how I got to on the shell that's pretty great. Then what does it mean turn for lead Tillamook. Coast of visitors association to 2000 pelican brings a involved. Well pelicans. And Derek. I hotels that are associated hotels like the indicates co Wanda. And I just terrific partners with tourists films that are there to eat two or diapers. For tourism. Down. Pelican purring just turned real quiet Pacific city into a major tests nation on the coast. And so to have their influence. Sounds. And their regional outreach. That they get from being in retail stores down on some of the Turkish media that they can't. Is it's going to have a big impact and they have to. And packed. Not only on this campaign for Thames superhighway. But also for bringing visitors here to the post to. We get to tell about all these great things and outdoor recreation and and after this campaign and everything that we kind of promote here. Turley let me ask you again how is this project going toward his or can be no room. Disruptive callers that cream kind of happening in the background how does how does this all work. Well I'm as it they're really. That the only destruction that happens as well and start construction actually happens to repair Colbert. Don't depending on and you know which wrote the song I'm a mother of such so my county road at state road. Of course are thrown to repeal. There's no other mr. mom planning and signage involved and they're not traditional local residents in my opinion but there's. You know there's our effort to design a project so we get. Our professional technical people to design with the culture and be based on. Close in broad aside some of Ireland than and immersed permitting and lenders to construct and visual sort of construct the salt. Really only takes on an average spending on this project size from. Maybe from a couple of days to maybe a week or two. I'm some of the larger projects that are involved maybe instead of look forward just a bigger Covert if there's a bridge involved. It's a little bit longer. But time. So we try not to be destructive but. You'll long term benefit so much outweighs any short term destruction that. Residents are usually pretty happy to have. The project's direction we have just totally a little story we have. Once spot and our fight to were you in outside it'll mark that I'm a little local resonance comes out to agree is every time we bring someone to show them what. While smaller size Colbert looks like he says well I assure you guys get to pick in the produce a crew. That. Yet plugged every year at and so I end and we've also had the ability deceit and you know salmon spawning below the Calder. And that can't get upstream. I also call over to use to use draft out of streams so. That's a that's a great spot to take people because oracle which comes and encourages us stirred. Hopefully put up a how is this salmon superhighway different than some other stream restoration projects happening around the area. Tom is it's you know it's a great question because there's a lot of conservation and restoration project happens you get. Biologist and identified a problem. And and maybe. A couple of the agencies like goal organ department of fish and wildlife for the Forest Service per the deal and I'm missy we really need to fix. Or four fish passage and and make more habitat available. What what's different about this project does not because it's it's regionally based have been going involves all. Five 20 MySpace streams plus in the stock. And it and it's so large and encompasses so all the federal agencies that of course are still be on. The state agencies the department of forestry. Department of fish and wildlife. All the local water and counsels those are all the technical people that are involved in in identifying the potential. Passage projects but because it has such an impact on the community we quickly. Or able so get on board collaborative partners like told the Chinese public works. I'm told the cream real association. Local dairy farmers. The of course you're stuck commercial fishing folks. And so far better all. Sort of pinned down with this project because it's it's simply. And clearly just identifies improving fish passage in crude media infrastructure. And that's not the kind of collaborative project that to you. Really works best that it and so were. We're really happy to support this project because you'll because in the way it's structured. Talk in the community get involved and really control and here's at all. You know there there are going to be. There I think a lot of the cases the watershed council identifies. We're carrying or stream side vegetation act can be improved after the Colbert has done. And and so there are some projects that would would really benefit from volunteers. Fumble in terms of the actual color replacement assault that's mostly. No mostly local contractors. Using heavy equipment should dig up the old culvert and been placed in lunch but but there are planting. Project stand invasive species removal projects that are sort of also projects the Colbert change option and those those projects could use volunteers. When you know 11 thing passed. Is I think it's really valuable and on that and that tourism. Can help if they have is that. There are several nonprofit groups that put on. Things like idiots like this salmon run dates. And those kind of beat downs or really depend on Tom Petty cheap high quality famine. Habitat. And the result of all of those of Tampa through the year is. They bring in about 500000. Dollars in. Donations to food bank and optics food banks along the coast. As well. High protein meals a fresh cash. And if they if they have a huge impact on the home people living on the coast. Do you know these volunteer my drinking beer to absolutely and that's such an easy way anywhere volunteers support the product. Who wanted to mention yeah we are we're actually. Posting five K run in September can be on September 23 Saturday. It will begin and end at the brewery and it will be the proceeds from not run wolf go to sports it was super highway trust the Republican fight case salmon runs. Very cool. So Jim why him why again do you guys get so involved with us it's your backyard. It's it's our backyard it's there under your hearts and you know it's duplicated in you know punitive. That's what we're really airports. Tells about the mere you have featured no there was some of the proceeds going to help out the salmon superhighway. About the beer itself. Absolutely so it it's a West Coast take on the classic older style so. It's it's bright and zippy you would want to have bold poppy flavors. Yet the bitterness is in check it's not an I PH who told her. It's got cascade and sterling pumps that are from the Pacific northwest amid new cops come from Simmons say forms such as cushy farms come out nears overturned. And then it's also got parliamentary have been very harsh and German mutual really cool and they bring kind of a tangerine pineapple flavor. See got a really nice balance of these you know classic spicy floral notes. Where. You know sort of a lemon zest and tangerine flavors all balanced against really nice toasty malt character so. It makes for really drinkable beer that rain or shine. You know is this create your round many builders are going to be. You know very light to come on the palate. And are really good summer time Beers but we've reversed both to stand up so the Marines in the cooler weather and support request so that's. That's what we call it West Coast style and also have a kickback to the idea that it's the the spirit for the special West Coast. Please be makers really know how to bring. Bring it all together and make thanks to I can even imagine trying to make a beer. I don't. We gave the first competition that we entered it in you know this the competition season have been begins in January. Starting with Dorgan craft for that from Serbia. The organs your awards and it won a gold medal in its category. First out of the gate so pretty excited about. Yeah very nice old Marie isn't gonna get some Indian help support the salmon superhighway. The great conversation and and been really eye opening with Lou's great project is happening until mechanic like I think you'll be on the show today. Here are our order but for more information go to salmon superhighway dot org. Mitchell's go is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit or public affairs organization or do you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website and submit your information there. Thanks for listening Demitra scope and enjoy the rest of your weekend.