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NW Largest Garage Sale 040917

Apr 5, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is meant to scope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of are you one of those people they gets out on the weekend in hits all the garage sales in the neighborhood next weekend there's a big one coming up. I'd like to welcome to the show this time David buffalo and David is the founder of an awesome community event which is commute very soon northwest's largest garage sale and vintage sale. David they're outgoing and good that seat and enjoy an event coming up the women that went April 15 April 15 yeah. So tell us about the northwest's largest garage sale invented sale. Well I was from Southern California and it was would go down their first walk me every time had a chance. I kept thinking why isn't there something like this in the northwest zone. Then 2009 in the took the diet then started. Back then it was Portland gorgeous girl so we've changed the name northwest's largest garage sale invent itself. Then we started out with 200. Who's the first time and we're up to about 650. And it's still growing the phones still ringing still. We're still going spot. While. That's. And just refuse thirty years. Yeah it's. The great community event you don't have to have people coming your house and asking the user restroom murder. You know single people that. Where are trying to sell stuff that there Alison they don't want some. Different are we are people in their house served going through their stuff so it's a safe place to sell your stuff in. We provide you with a lot of shoppers. Yeah I can imagine that if your doom in the market to have a garage sale at your house he can be a little invasive there's people coming in here at least in your garage. But this is isn't is this your northwest's largest drug sill is this the same idea just in a much larger venue. Much larger venue we we relative few do building on that they've Clark on the events center. We are all in. There's actually three buildings. You have your own spot very themselves. What ever you want as long as it's legal and you know we don't allow. Pornography her. Other drug propelling him. There's so try to keep it Babylon to. So what kind of people. Are selling stuff there tell me about that some of them some of the sellers. Well there's just every day people that are have a garage so that there have been very instead of being out cold in the rain. They they bring their stuff there and we also. Image. Collectors eaten. We. And he could workable people that go around him. You'll loose shopping and other places and brings it to ourselves the this zealot. People that we purpose cited him. Last year. I've bought the 900 dollars. It was still barbecue with the tank in the schools for our dollars while that I Barbie Don that last night and it is it nice party. Catch him that if I was Dave walker in my neighborhood last night I could smell barbecues everywhere it's getting to be in that time a year finally right yeah. And it's also great about you meant is if it isn't a super nice weekend next weekend this is all indoors is Eric yep. When you said 650 different moves. There's. The spot you know some people buy it and sparked some people have once thought. They're fifty dollars for a spot and we still. Speaking all the way up until race day that day that clock. You come up and get a spot or you can go and WG silk dot com and register their online. This is such a fun idea for community event Hausa community responded are you doing this. They'll love it. We have. Lions people when we open it is amazing that's one of my favorite times when we opened the doors and the people Russia and to see what's there and it's like the treasure chest of whenever. Say. Take the stuff out in you know we watch it coming in truckloads and it goes out being carried by everybody. Going out we also have the merely making that does the holding area they'll take your stuff that your answer to all. Over to a holding area just give a donation ability he is. The nonprofit that's. Raising money. Or. Violence. They're trying to educate the awareness. Helping people with mental health. Billion. Altman was a victim of shooting. Rules. Room and school. And his mom wanted to do something. Oh. The Newton. Is in. I school. It is great. Yeah that's that's pretty awesome what a nice way to give back to. Yeah. That we try to involve the community it as much as possible we have. Eight. Program of you know. You know the community event. Person from Angel tree they are. They raised money for kids. Forgotten it's a parent. That are in prison. Do summer camp do. If Christmas presents. Or it's so they don't get left out at Christmas. Very nice in there there's information there at the nuclear arsenal to. Yeah though they'll be there they have a boot that we donate a boot forum and I was looking for volunteers and people that wanna get involved in helping. A child that's been left behind. And also the tyrant Norman foundation is there is that correct. Yes Karen. That's been there since the start. He for a since 2009 you were actually good friends. He does. Awareness through there and goes by the cards so you can have your child's picture. ID card so this. God forbid anything happens. You have the information the pitcher by weight and everything you need to get to the authorities to help you find. Your child is best possible. That's truly Greg you're doing something really very. Unique you know you're you're bringing such cool stuff to the community and also getting people involved that are really trying to mix and some different. Yeah that if we also have the lions club and they do. They sell. Food there hamburgers hot dogs. Sodas and everything else is gonna have got to take a break in the Eddie eagle little business with a little. They do their we have them there and just sell food and they do great things with the money helping the community. Well really great when you started this back in 2009 did you expected to turn into this. Well you know back then I'd. Just wanted something that I could go shop and through and you know you don't realize until this thing. Rose two. And you know Leo and Paul. So many different people in the help a lot of people the first year we. Five families. This is. You know 20082000. As the recession people who was there ounces. We donated by a family. Spots the solar they're helpful stuff that they're losing their house. They had no worlds to go. We. Have slowly. Hopefully came out of that economies to we. Missed a lot of people solar stuff so fast that. You know they can walk away with nothing you know they go there they sell it when they're done. There's all this is good their car with their money and leave if they have anything left over we also the a million ink is taking all book leftovers and they're gonna have their own community right so over. Portland in August. To raise more money for tickets for high school. Did that can't afford clothing. New school clothes. Well I just did the giving never stops. But that's supposed we try out this. You know if you don't give back you know received. Straight up person from. We've been percent of if you're not giving. And I can receive. They're not receiving anything you probably like giving. Agree with him to live your life like that. Yeah so this is not the only garage so you have throughout the year you have a couple of them is Erik. You know we have the outdoor July fell. It's not front grass area. We have to move up into the grass area that we need places to park some cars we used to it from parking once we moved in the grass and then we also have. The air conditioning. Building where the people that wanna be inside. War. And then we have our November self it's basically a match of the April. November 4. And last year was a great turnout. And a lot of people making handing out aid items for Christmas. Great kind of push up and for Christmas gift. That people could use. There when this next the next one is coming up the Saturday April 15 is that correct yeah. At the Wear and Wear a sluggish again. It took the Clark County event that if the court any fairgrounds. Five exit nine. About fifteen minutes north of the other side bridge took. That's about some of your sellers are these people that do this professionally and our they've also people that have maybe just cleaned up their Russian and come set up a Booth. And there's wolf we have people that. They basically make a living going around picking. All over the place. And they come. And so what stuff here and we also have the. Single couple learned the single or the couple let it have an apartment you can't fill. Can have a garage felon wanna get rid of the stuff they only. So unique I love this. Thank you you kind of grew up with swap meet so does that mean your view bin I heard her use and use the word picker have you been a picker your whole life. Well it's. You know it kind of started out that we we actually. Started. By and storage units before the TV show came it's. Back then Kim would go out and buy stuff that. We categorize some of the house and kind of grow and grow and grow that is somewhere to sell the stuff so. We've started. This and had a bunch of people we have a bunch of people that. Do byte storage units and come there and they sell the stuff unbelievably cheap. They don't have the connection to any of the items so they just wanna sell it so they can go buy more stuff. It's kind of a vicious cycles that. When you want to start that. I know people who get into it and they love it and they can't stop. You know I knew it was it was a great time we were at the point that we don't have. Time to. Do that in the TV show Cayman. Everybody. Quite a few people there doing it now so we just decided that would. The thing on this took up to president of him basically have a full time job. Getting everybody in there and organize it. It's unbelievably well organized my wife Kim is. Very well organized so when you get there. As a seller. You know where you're going. If people that helped you get there we have workers to help move your stuff in it it's too heavy. Or you're here to see you back good. They in turn. Make money if we try to get wait guys that don't have. We're great. All your stuff then we're. And we also have carts and there's wagons and everything else to bring your stuff in to your spot so you can. Set up your boot them be ready to sell. We thought of everything we assume this is a very real easy ways to. Do your own garage sale. They actually. And we have tables you could rent or you can bring your own. Okay. While I love this and it's kind of an affair and it's a family affair for you isn't growth and we gets involved. Our whole family is involved. We have two daughters that kind of grew up. In this. Then in Amanda's. Or oldest. She works at Randall Children's Hospital she picks a couple of days off the help us. It's the balances the floor and answers questions when people are moving. Or youngest daughter. As George fox is going to be graduating. In April just. Shortly. After the sale it's going to be a teacher. Elementary school teacher. That she does the ticket Booth. I just so long is. Washington County sheriff. They're deputy sorry and he comes fixed couple days off and helps us move people and it. Do everything couldn't do without them that's the sand. We have two grandkids that little woolly worm. Other take over our boat. Berrian and they'll go be doing long enough for a long. That's great all hoping and Wimbledon named I'm sure they love it Oreo. So can we talk about some of the items that sell people find that this gruesome. You know they. With over 650 spots and grow you will find almost anything it's amazing. How much. Stuff is there and you know from car park zoo. Anti. And its purpose. New items people. Closing stores. Really and it's furniture. A lot of school. Ago everything. You need. You need tools and all. Up for all improvement project you're gonna find it electronic. Opal case. Chargers. Hold. Product. Clothing books of all kinds dvd. I could go on and on us but it. It's unbelievable. And so you enter into. The garage. Gave you knew you drive around on the Saturday afternoon and go to garage sales just kind of around the neighborhood and you think wow I never expected to find this. The budget that major event that's all under one roof and it's anything you can imagine right. Yeah we'll try to try to go to the figure out so little ones but let's certain that the you supply you with all day and when your hands of all we get people little empty MC gets more. Who. Is keep going all the way. My house is literally furniture from. From furniture to appliances. To. Everything is that we. Pretty much bought at a garage sale and save a lot of money we traded through liberalize. Very. That's one of the ways we've we've save a lot of money every year by just getting items. We're gonna use around that ousted. When we're done we've put it. Box that eventually in the note goes to ourselves. Can sister as the food there and we'd like to put that in. Stuffed in her boobs you like this so she loves this so she makes about. Two to 3000 dollars and one day. Well. Let's for Yeltsin. Does Disney Ruth stuff at your else. Yeah I was C she's a picker she she goes and finds stuff. All over the place I don't even know where she gets half the stuff but it. People come to see her boo. It's. It's unbelievable what she could find. She goes overlooked them. More. Spearmint it's called the northwest's largest garage sale and vintage sale so there's authentic vintage items that are too. Yup there's a lot of minutes. You can find. That that you had when you're a kid. Wow I remember that. One of my favorite thing to walking around the sale is looking at items that you know. When you were growing up in you took that. Lunch pale the school word you wrote that by. Is it amazing that some of that stuff is still around. And the condition of sub. Bottom pedal car from my grandson. We're five go back if I remember as a kid being a pedal car almost exactly like it. And he loves that he battled all over the place. Seaman doing this for awhile do it are vintage items. Running out or there's still plenty out there. Well there's there's all lots and if you got. Poem you need to come and sell it if you're in arrested make some money that they're people they're just looking for of those and I don't they have. They love. New generation loves. Older vintage stuff. Now. Do you still have booths available. We do how can you somebody's listening and they wanna get involved and they do that. They can go to and they'll be achieved sales dot com. Then. Click on the April. Fell and it'll give you information there and you can fill out the information. That'll automatically. You could actually even pay online. All the way up to the Friday before. Get a spot. That's the fairgrounds. The events that are have been unbelievable. Great post. If you're wanting to do a that. Weddings. Having. Future events. If that's senators agree. Community of people that. That's worked there for years they run the affair also. They admit you feel welcome. We need more space you know we've run out of a building. They've. Opened up another spot for us we feel that. You I can't thank them enough for for hosting it just being there help. With everything and anything we need. What are the hours for this event. It is. We opened at 7 AM through the early bird so they get an hour earlier. They pay a twenty dollar. Early bird he and they get in an hour before the general public if that's sure. Thing you wanna get their before anybody else does deceive the the field of deals. And then the general admission starts at 8 AM. And that's five dollars. And you can. It and it it they felt but we also have the military just and recite the say thank you for a military are doing what they do. Keep an assay. Kids under twelve this free. You know the last two hours of this sale is the best. To come if you want the deal of the field. Yeah I was gonna ask about that two people drop their prices at the end of the day just to Garrett of. As the last two hours I mean it's like you better bring their truck with a there's a lot of stuff that people just don't wanna ring hole. In the old little way out there and they're not about to get back into it they just. There. They stay firm on their price go about the last two hours well it I should say that they're very negotiable. Everybody's pretty negotiable but the last two hours is it I got to move this book or I have to take a battle. And then since this is happening on April 15 the next day is Easter Sunday so I hear you have a special guest to. It's we have the Easter Bunny. He's going to be there. Nine before. Parents grandparents bring up of the killed. Three pictures you just play so well in the picture of pitchers. The Easter Bunny and you'll also be given out. Treats for. Very nice. So in the last minute or so we have here give us all the details about the event coming up on April 15. So it's northwest's largest drug felon village sale at the Clark and the events that are. Is professionally. That when you hear the commercials. You'll hear my voice. I do my own voice. And anyway it's. Saturday April 15. The clerk of the events that are five at exit 915. Minutes from either bridge tool by override. And but let's bring some money or we have 8 PM there's and event center at 8 PM. People that need to get more money or run out of money there's. When you BP and that'll do it. Spring out. Your friends your family. I have a great day. There's gonna be your relief fund community events congratulations on having another successful year you that's gonna be really fun. David Muslim founder of the northwest's largest garage sale invented sale thanks for being a mattress of today and thank you. Microscope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program and I'm Jerry blocks of if you're involved with a nonprofit public affairs organization or you have an idea for an upcoming joke I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website handsome richer information there. Thanks for listening Demitra scope and enjoy the rest of your weekend.