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Apr 18, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah this is a microscope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks. We wanna spend some time on the show today talking about the difficult struggle with a young people and the recovery from drugs and alcohol. On the show this time I'd like to welcome Tony miss not the executive director at the fourth dimension recovery center and Nick Smith general manager at aggression Subaru but. About the scope guys thank you. Thank governor certainly so Tony let me get started if you look at our audience know exactly what the fourth dimension recovery center is. Are you act so the fort commit your recovery center is a nonprofit that provides. I'd Dixon. Peer services you people be create your club thirteen and 35. In the way that we view that is. Why we have a community center where young people who self identify with it it's an out call it. And it's coming in and hang out go to clubs that eating go to events here's socialized and then it'd be a can of that. We have like her personal addiction mentor services for people who live in Multnomah County. And we see about fifty people every month or mentoring services men about 600. Young people come through every month for the community there. Let's pretty awesome so it's a great way for the people can going to the same. Process tube to get along with a total. Right now everybody. At the fort mentioned recovery center and the board of directors at this bat. I could people who come here are all in recovery so everyone here's your recovery it's the community of young people recovery nearly got. How this started. Basically there was. A group of young people going to like AA meetings since that's about four years ago or five years ago and they it has ignored it go. And that hurt then I went in a hurry like your original counter. And you know when a main drivers so of this sort of picture for a long time. He is to get beat you could this warehouse. You know for somebody you're from more than it would garner might play poker and that there and the curtain view on the warehouse that's what you think you're doing nonprofit. And that's what they did and that was the start. That's simple. Let it seems like such a unique thing you know they have to young people being able to. In Iraq and am and an environment that's more their style. Right and that that they yet they could get this space for people to come and hang out a few other stuff that. It would be doing anyways by any environment that's conducive to recover. It seems far less clinical. Yeah no it's not our coral okay he Nixon had no idea what is gross consumers so involved the fourth dimension. You know I've lived a lot of friends and adolescence that they sell off treatment centers and it'd be kids are gone for 306090. Days they come back from the treatments senators and you concede to clear their rise in the kids there are back to being cued again. And there's nowhere for these kids to hang out with other kids. They're clean and sober and book there's been too many times has seen it with these kids end up paying out the gold Francis are usually here and and and it's not run for fifteen to thirty year old to go to meeting with the budget 1516 year old who did can't relate to. What dimension provides a place for these British kids could go hailed that the kids to the success locals refer at all well what when they're able to any help would. People their own age who can relate to their own issues. How long has Christians who Bruce supported for estimates in this desert thirty or. Period and accurate well that's also. That's that's really great it's so nice to have such community involvement with with programs like this. It's a great group and a great group of kids and they have a common vision and they've really picked it helped so many people it's when you're ordered there have been some you look at two kids kids kids have fun and that they can relate to each other issues. It's quite quite quite a program. So nick you have the opportunity to go to hang out of fourth dimension C whole process works I've been to a couple Serbia you mean that's great. Tony and outside their bit. Well I'm I'm sure they appreciate the support nonetheless though you crazy you Tony what does it mean progression through was mean for you have grisham's who Russo involved. Bomb you know it. It's a what their progress and Subaru and financial support we would have never been able to improve location that the EUW. The unit warehouse. That had you know an architect C. You know raiding your allowance for whatever of about eight people and so that was really working for a few that marijuana. Dispensaries across the street from brewery I mean this is the first. Not to replicate that effort you're actually here Peter the capital into a new building arm. Do. You know hire our effort that you know for three years it was all volunteers they would all run by volunteers put it ought to hire that. On the continue to go out there to build and develop our our infrastructure at the business and nick here. You know I hope it's all of these that raises so they can have you know. For more equitable raised you know in consideration what the cost of living and I'm also allowing her the fire from being in. So we can pick up a bye to beard and angered you more on that. But since they miserable supports. It is. Now nick I thank you know you have to you have to jump off the phone here but because your going to go do what. We're gonna check presentation today who are almost 50000 dollars. That through Subaru should love of that we're able to raise support dimensions. To Namibia have every year from Thanksgiving through January 2 or third. Can. Country could choose to donate 250 dollars to one five charities. For national journeys that one home country which we chose port dimensions so it is a big check presentation. That's really also. It's it's a fun deal and that's pretty significant amount of money. The you know no doubt much could go to my life that makes me feel better than their that this sort of relief feel good days today at all. Tell me about do it the your customers that that decide to help out fourth dimension what are the what are they would have to say. You know created Serbian lower bids given to local charity they love the idea that there's two the majority of the money goes to. The charity itself and the smoke very small portion goes towards employees. Don't have a lot of employees who did it's. What all the press about. You know goodwill and most places says I should say that some of the places that most of the money. Goes toward administration and not towards not towards you actually chaired the did that make people feel good to do some good for those communities. Yeah for sure when that money really goes a long ways it's super important up. Excellent we'll nick do you do you wanna stay on the conversation or do you need to split. I need to do any good on over there but they queued up on the call today I really appreciate it you think they can put my. That was Nick Smith general manager of aggression Subaru puts continued talking with Tony. Tony from fourth dimension so am telling Tony Helen have you been with the organization. I'm there with Boise we're about it three years. And how do you how did you get involved. Well. We can't very short period of Concord kind of try to recruit me for awhile and how it's. Or the community college and I was early in my recovery and I started this recovery club. Umpqua community college and dom and we get a partnership I ever acquired and we threw. An event can't support you for young people of our current fifty people showed up. It's actually kind of an interesting story because there's. Adolescent treatment center quote support you called the all. And you know we invited them to drink some of their clients there. And they came. Well you know all the cinematic cops show up at fort eat and you're looking for these other kids from DePaul has some of the kids actually broke out. To go. Noted that over at the end. In all the efforts of Paul on the cops seriously it really no acute direct quote can't really punish them for. We're going to sober event and in now with how I got started again and I got on the order. I'm out on the board of directors for a wild. And Manny I wrote the first glance. Current period services with more than McCarron you know parties at every turn around developed being you know this place and our third all month. You know my heart my recovery and helping young people. Tell me the apparent it you you know it's awesome to me about the mentor ship program. It took them a Porsche program. Provide Lee mentor. Purposes. You. Anybody between the ages. Thirteen hit 35. Who live in Multnomah County. So people can come and they can get a mentor it's individualized survey which basically. It's whatever this person needs severe stroke you know farm Johnny B in high command in. You know I'm homeland. I need to go to treatment I want to go to college then article you know that person you exactly what they wanna do or not and I'll use my own experience. Q helping inspire them and provide hope it it's a relationship. Built on mutuality. And they have kind of a direct your relationship or Buick gala like a professional. Sports like I know everything America are you exactly what you need to do much wrong with you it's more like I. I've been very your act. I can see the strength decided youth and amateur helped cultivate those banks and help you develop. You know your own efficacy to beg you be can become economist for your recovery. It's actually do whatever people need I mean we show up court. We help advocates you don't put of course we don't get it there are people get their kids back. I've helped people like you want to think they were imprisoned at that parents come and talk means. And that's helped our negotiate people getting out of prison late in my recovery housing down here. Get the program started to be successful particular really depends on the candidates. All of your mentors that they're also going through the Parker recovery process to right. Yeah every organ recovery yet. How that must be an amazing thing to. So as a young person maybe just starting. Recovery to be talking to somebody who's who's been going through it a little bit longer and can. Give you some tips right. Yes and that's exactly the idea is is you know one person in recovery using their experience there help another person. And you know that's the whole premise. Of how this works essentially. And that's been going on for a long time alcoholics anonymous started you know back in the 19100 and that's exactly what it is it's one alcoholic helping and other you know works really well. Yeah it's definitely been around for a long time. Yeah and it helped millions of people so and artwork and isn't it given takes into like a young a young person coming in just starting. Recovery. Is also helping them to their mentor I'm assuming. Yes and then that's the idea of you know having your relationship that based on mutuality is if you had does help because you know. When people become you know get the recovery audit plan they're looking for some sort of perfect and her life to fill that hole that jerk for feeling you know aren't so. This provides somebody an important link in helping other people. While we're built their spirit and an offense then they go bird in recovery as well. How things changed over the years. Well in the very beginning. There was a bunker or those who didn't really know what they were your hair easier. We've seen it in the 1988 in the community yet you know and you press space for young people. You know it's so there's different kind of piecing it together anyway that we could have here. All the time we can't really no word or an event that meeting. But with the help of people like nick and Eric Martin and you know they're like advisor earth. They help that bill. The infrastructure to provide real services that really changed people let this sit back makes sense you. Does show went from kind of the organic. You know really kind of sporadic at. Organization is doing whatever it could to keep the doors open to having to Spain are looking for having you know human resource policy for having it. For personal. Contract with Multnomah County provides services to hear reimbursement to being able to elicit you know grants that having. They progressed and Subaru donate massive amounts of money because what we're doing is working. It's really grassroots newly your your original founders really had some passion about this. Exactly SEC it's 100% grassroots. How have things how have times changed with addiction. And I have have has addiction change at all. Yeah well. Rates of addiction hadn't seen since the currency is very Merrimack immediate ever Aurora trucks. Where basically the federal government was like we're gonna go. And a wreck everybody. And and that Howard particularly if it's addiction epidemic well statistics have not changed whatsoever actually they've gone out. Rates reflect. You know oh VOA. Overdoses have gone out there at the highest ever and so right now there's kind of this movement to change the paradigm. And we changed the perspective around what it means to be an addict and guess they're in general actually came out execute report. On addiction and alcohol use and help fix this thing we need to change the way we think about it. In the way we could think about it was I like people were immoral it was Detroit but it actually a lot of research it says that it's not a tourist Richard Eastern Europe connect. Chronic disease moral acquired. Don't get credit cards on it. It that little kids go to treatment and then they leave are you people ordered treatment sixty gave thirty days and they leave and it is react because they don't have any of that long term support. So new models like port dimension that are non clinical. That provide. Support where people need it you open is coming authority as much or little as they want they can get a mentor work with them marchers were old they want the kidnappers wanted they want. You gonna think he needs it's kind of like it did bring. Approach and so on excited for the future. To get more fighting over is like more finding ourselves. You know our elected officials right now addiction treatment. It's funny out of the health care dollar you look at all money spent for the health care dollar addictions treatment it's one point 3% of all that funding for services which is a very much. When there's report showing that actually at Dickson caught. Health care about 45%. You know for all help their copy Dickson caught them about my forever stamp but only its one point 3% of the month. Since I'm hoping that or. You know in tandem work a perfectly don't report it and appreciate. The way we think about it fixed and the way we fund addiction treatment. I'm really tired you know saving people's lives because these kids are gonna leader banker recused from different. In the mountains are you seeing. I'm so fast forward he what are we. Jackie each act like number of people who come. Ryan. Retention rate up like that and we just sit back like. How many people improve their housing so like last year people in the U mentor program forty comfort but eat it to recruit there housing and get him group. And there are studies that so people can occur recovery are being our crew their housing their likely heard of just being there recovery dramatically increases. We saw. Employment. So last year. 53% of everywhere you needed to get it got got a job in her retract educate then. And look like 80% of people wanted to improve their case in point 1% it. We're trying to figure out why people want to go to college but since I can't. I'm cutting interest in ticket they we help people get health insurance semi backward kind of everyone in our mentor program that health insurance and no 65% of court quarter point sixteen you'd care clients Lehman increased over and right now from people that would strip last year. Out of a hundred and working with their lack European mentor program 25% have bent over a year when he could see recovery which is really our. And you know while that's the signals of some great numbers. So tell me about your claims you can eat is observed across the board right. Yet though. Are actually track. All of that demographic information about our clients from needs to you know sexual orientation and on sexual identity gender identity. Racial identity and Ford. And the numbers. Upper Montgomery County if that makes sense you don't serve all people and we make sure that we deal we run our annual survey. Our community members and record I did mention that we're not out of people we have twelve step meetings that are specific for the queer community. People of color men meeting. Women meetings and young people meeting also pair went in non alcoholic anonymous are alcoholics anonymous so we really try to. Yeah everybody into fourteen. The average age of of the person that you serve. For Hillary is there an average age. Well eighty. 2% of every single person who cuts aimed at forty last year with under the age. 35. And then you know corny percent of everybody would he created between eighteen and 25 and 6%. We're under eighteen an eighteen point five. They drink is really important because warrant. That is drain has the highest rate. But you're about 20% of everybody 125. Record keeping drug and alcohol. They also have the lowest rate of needing. Treatment and getting an origin and so we've really focused in on that because transition each year. And that's like one apart and eat on age demographics you wanna focus on because of those that cryptic. Why do you suppose it is that age group. I don't know I think I did some research on it. But one of my classes this year and that is there's a lack of there's a lack of research I think maybe in the past. It is trying to lump that into the. You know adult. Even Cadillac has got to get put into like fifty dole treatment paradigm. It's like it's just kind of a byproduct. You know our unwillingness to accept addiction and has. Chronic health disease. You know instead of a moral failing credit don't think there's been enough aren't being. Gord Nixon street man you know and overwrought it's paradigm just keep this ship before anything else. Impediment now. To me about your pal reaching your hand and his advocacy. Yes so quick you're outreach arm or give a lot of presentations in the community about forty moral about our success well but look like. That can be like her personal addiction treatment conferences everything gave. Located in other states about port he. There we ought to be like kind of political advocates year around like I'm being predictions treatment. We've we've sort of like organ Ways and Means Committee meetings. This year for their budget proposal we talked about the heat for increased funding. We went down to the legislative base assessments to educate our elected officials. About addiction peer services and the impact of cutting services would have on our clients even clients participate not so forty really is a grassroots. Community. That. It's mainly based and and we all worked together including you know board members administrative staff. The data they workers and their clients we serve and the community members who come here. Are you able to get into the colleges and high schools around and let people know that you're out there. Yeah we do we do that we we we do it called targeted outreach. For our services like we let people know what to think that you are careful was or is that. Q have you. Maintain. Missing it here it is so our mission is to provide an environment where people go to the disorder we're not preventative services so we don't want. You know every kid who smokes we want. To come here and hang out because not really for that. If that makes sense that the cartel Rica in the college it's cool stuff like that of course we also are. Partners with the Portland along oak. And a couple of the other organizations in the organ recovery high school initiative. And with the organ Recovery Act cool initiative is that they coalition. Members. Beat addiction treatment. Community. Who are going to bringing a recovery high school. To crack in the county I believe by the year twenty point because. Adolescents really don't have not been you know there's a 144. Residential islands and treatment beds in the state or it has not very in my adolescent like from the heart rate it's used in America are getting help five. In Oregon and we have like the well which really. Are the highest rate of of high school drop out and we have like the lowest rate for providing adolescents access to treatment. And so what you recognize that hole in organ. And diplomatic if you're around him we're gonna be really excited direct I called kids get my opportunity to state clean. That's awesome he is doing great work to me about what you see in the future for forty. Com. I think our model is becoming theater. I know. You start. Opening up more location so. I see you know or he's popping up in the tri county you to the tracked down Encino. Washington in cracking that. On the next couple years. And I didn't like had a little reason for like there are massive centralized or eat that provides a little bit more than what we you can hear. But I'm not ready to anfield yet. I think it all figured out. It's just something secretive in the future. So yeah that this summer com. I'm starting AA. Young and all youth leadership development curriculum. Some have a young people over the summer and here during your recovery been recovered for a while working out leadership development course this we're gonna go out and participate civic engagement we're gonna talk to our. Elected officials. We do community service projects we're gonna have analyzed data so my goal at that develop. A core group. Of young leaders within their recovery community. Because. Least they're. I suggest that. Young people are more most influenced by their peers. Like their peers and maybe not even more disappeared and a mentor to other people who are in recovery. And so I think yeah like a group of young people that are leaders I think. I can increase the chances of other young people. Being retained in recovery and and also developing. Their own you know leadership identity. And I think will be able to. Really do some good things in the future. That's also looked him in the summer. Yet what's the best place for somebody some is looking for more information a fourth dimension where can they get that. Signet go to our web site and that www. The number four the letter the recovery. Dot court. If you go there. That's pretty simple there's tons of information they're looking at the webs every now. Yeah we've heard of it written this has been super cool Tony thanks for mail today. Yeah appreciate. What we're talking today with Tony men's and on the executive director of the fourth dimension recovery center. Mental scope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program and I'm Jerry blocks of the if you're involved with the non profit but public affairs organization or you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website handsome richer information there. Thanks for listening to metals gold and enjoy the rest of your weekend.