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Apr 19, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is microscope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program and your blocks and if you're a woman how does this sound. Immerse yourself concessions with the international leaders in personal and professional development. And discover the highest version of yourself and self care leadership conscious living physical well being sustainable beauty and financial empowerment zone pretty good. We are welcoming to the show this time Jennifer Elise the creator and producer of the empowered event which is Camille on May 21 will definitely get into that. And also Elizabeth nine the executive director of girls think of the Pacific northwest well into the south Fiji summit and so was Jennifer I think we should get started with fewer and talk about this empowerment. What is this. And it's a great question. The empowered events came from an inspiration. Facing my greatest adversity. And I wanted to share with women in our community tools to Livan empowered by. So the empowered event is an experiential event happening on May 21. The ninth the town who with a nine Tinto. That's honestly it's its own TV. So what's the event would do when women get the what's the experience going to be like. Great question so it's a full day Immersion 40. Women wanting to look at every area of their lives are any. Physical mental spiritual emotional level. With that being said internationally renowned speaker and author Sierra vendor will be presenting a three hour Immersion. In which she is partner to win at Harvard to quantify. How what to empowerment look like and how to we show up in every area of our life. So there will be a three hour Immersion followed by a series of afternoon break out sessions. Industry specific areas financial empowerment. Embodiment and sustainable PD. What do you mean by embodiment combining the power we wouldn't bring in our bodies what's our connection to our body went to the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies. Com how often are we actually in our bodies. Where did this idea come from. It came from my facing my life's greatest adversity it's in scene that's. As women are supported at that ripples out to greater impact in our world. And as women are empowered that they can make differences within our community. This is the second year of the strict so last year. Between last year and this year who has anything changed. A lot has changed. A lot has changed even in just our external landscape of former political perspective and global events that. Motivated and inspired the event even further. So this event has transformed from an afternoon Immersion to a full day experience. Sounds. Like an amazing thing to two groups of experience. In Q yes and I am really it's my hope that. We can't reveal wire story that when we shall for ourselves for giving back to the greater good and hence that's why we are supporting. Girls think of the Pacific northwest. Still let's talk about the little bit begin to Elizabeth nine tells the girls think what is girls think. So we're an organization that inspires girls to be strong Smart and bold. We locally have and offer programming to girls beginning at age eight all the way through age eighteen. And for us the strong Smart and bold aligned to. Girl's turn out to be healthy educated an independent so for each category for strong. In healthy we have programs that teach girls everything from positive body image. Stress reduction and tips and techniques. Physical activity nutrition. In the Smart category it's all about how are we helping girls succeed academically and prepare for future careers. And bold is really focused on. I personal development life skills and most importantly leadership. How the girls get involved with the so we have to name programs that we offer curls across the prime metro area. We do an after school girl skirt programs and girls can sign up for girls think at their schools. And through that after school girl skirt program they meet once a week with. Anywhere from twelve to fifteen girls. And each term we offer different. Program from back category of strong Smart people so. Most girls access girls think through their schools. Through that Proscar program. The second program that we have this club eureka. And we launched eureka 3 years ago I am and it's an incredible program that is designed to you increase girls and awareness of and access to stem careers some girls and for that program and between their seventh and eighth grade year. They commit to a five year program and we offer that program currently hacked PCC cascade. I'd community college management at a community college in with Burton. What kind of response are you getting from girls who have we're doing this. I had it's amazing we actually he had hadn't. As part of girls think and no larger framework we just a backtrack and say the girls think is the largest or the oldest grocery organization in the country and we have had been participating in annual. Outcomes surveys with our national organization and so what girls are telling us. When they go to girls think that they are I'm learning how to feel more confident. And they feel like 90% of girls will tell us they need an adult they can trust. Through girls think Ayman that they look up to which is incredibly important in terms of giving them the community. That they can access a patent. We know they curls are increasing their knowledge skills. About Adam again going back to the stars are pulled. I'm how to take charge of their lives and TU had also take charge of their academics its us. Is there are both particular girl would benefit from this more war. So I hadn't. Yet as nonprofit organization. Very frankly and we. Always face limited resources for him and so with our. You know. And with many that we bring is we are particularly focus on girls to live in low income communities. Because we know fat. Poverty had comes associated with the whole host. Things that present obstacles and barriers to girls reaching their full potential. And so we are focused in communities that have the least resources. Jennifer is this the first year looks. And Europe and has been in. All the girls and this is not so my intention originally it was to create an event a supported our young girls and it's. I AF really been inspired by what Elizabeth and I he has treated and continues to lead within our community. So I'm I'm huge advocate for the organization and will continue to support them. Through the empowered events. This is is the empowerment for women who work do girls come to you it is it is for women and yes so. Over a certain age. I freely highly recommend over eighteen down and just having. Parents. With there younger adult. Young women gonna tell me about the women who who come to the empowerment. Great question. This year I IC a lot of women who are really hungry for leadership development within their own lives. Who are ready to take actionable steps within our community. Women who'd really want to tools to be financially empowered or to reclaim their connection with back to their body. Who. Are really wanting to be leaders within their community and seeking resources to do that within their own lives and impact others. Was akin to website and at T there's a quote directly from you that says nothing is more powerful than women gathered together for greater cause. Coming up I think you. Historically have just seen the power of wind. Women come together in collaboration. And the level of leadership that can transform communities. And elevate resources available for all. So I really believe that when we come together for a common. Vision. That we ignites change within our own selves and changed. Rippled out into the communities. Here we did obviously in the last few months or we've seen lots lots of changes politically and and the women's march as it happened. Everywhere. I hate what is that brought about. Well I'll speak to it to cemetery app practical level it girls ink and are after school girls' groups are led. By volunteers from the community. And to we pair to volunteers we train them and support them and send them out the schools for eight weeks at a time to deliver program. And immediately following. What happened in November election and just the change in the political environments. We for our winter term surge in January had more volunteers than we had spots for. And while we have seen women coming out in droves and and one thing that I would add to what Jennifer was talking about earlier about the program itself. When we train volunteers and send the match the girls' groups and their working with the girls on these. I'm really important topics we hear repeatedly from volunteers that. I'm they wish they had had that when they were growing up. And and when I think about what Jennifer's doing this is such a great avenue for women to sort of you know circle back and get some of the things maybe they didn't have access to previously patent because we do you hear that repeatedly. From our community. How things changed quote over the years you know do women feel more empowered now or or is that. Because of the change that's that's progressed. So I think quit I'm seeing is that. And there is just a recognition in the community that the experiences that women are facing a real. Early on in my tenure girls and had been the organization now almost eight years. When I used to talk about the issues girls faced and Ian and as girls grew out the issues that women were facing. Hadn't. I got a lot of blank stares or that he knows that the issues surrounding women and girls first or fixed and we were on our path to U. And beyond. These issues. And and I had a really hard time convincing Lotta people that know. And there are still significant issues that are girls face. And that's these matter and we need tee to direct resources and attention to addressing them. So when Jennifer's talking about and body meant as one of the workshops. We know that by the time girls are in their teenagers 78% of girls are unhappy with their bodies. That's a national figure when we look at and locally. We will do use surveys of our girls and we hear repeatedly that girls to not like the way they look it up like how they feel they don't like who they are. And that as a core. Fundamental issue that these girls are facing as they grew up in two. Young women. So what I have seen is that there is just an acceptance and a patent. That these issues are real and now there's an urgency an relevancy to addressing them and that excites me. Has that issue changed over the years is that more prevalent Steve embodiment issued. You know and we were as talking about the size few nights ago with some colleagues and and I think that it has changed and the reason I think it has changed is the presence of social media and girls items. And we note that teens. At face over ten hours of media exposure a day. And if they're not given the tools to learn how to process the messages that they are receiving through all of these different. Channels and outlets that. We're not setting them up for success. I'm sued there is definitely in our kids are growing up in different environments and Ankara that per share. Got. Them were also over exposed to so many things that are contradictory to the way we've actually exist and can. That and they hit in it as an adult you know it's hard to take that and does child. That's going to be. Crazy. And there's no escaping it you know because they've got these devices and hands you know 24/7. And so. It's it can be very hard T sort of disconnect from rent and process. Heat vision of of the event to was to create an experiential Immersion where it wasn't just. A place career just thinking about empowerment are talking about empowerment where there's actually. We were experiencing in having any. Opportunity to have tools. To decrease stress to help when anxiety. And all of the onset it's stresses of life to be able to have resources. To live more balanced and make decisions from a balanced place. He started or you have a career in photography Jennifer yes exactly and so how has and 'cause your career in photography. Lend itself to add to this. It's a great question I started my career. Behind the camera by following my intuition and it's knowing that I wanted to. Works specifically with women in the stories they tell themselves about how they feel and it's. I've been able to work around the country where. Authors leaders. And solid huge need. To bring this into. An event where women could have actual resources so I created my first short film two years ago. And brought this about it the first annual empower an event. As a way to. Expressed my vision and it's it's just completely grown organically from. From this intuitive. Inspiration. How about me putting young girls and in front of the camera work what does that change public. I think it's vital we in young girls. I experience a lot of young girls who have this dream of being a model or idealized what the fashion industry is like ai and have. Unsustainable. Expectations. From media what they're supposed to look like and so my job as a photographer really used to. Supports. A very. Almost. It's to support young women in loving themselves for who they are. Interior to remove all the labels of what you're supposed to be or have to be. So providing an environment to really support these young girls for loving themselves. What is important. So aligned with what curls ink firmly is rooted and when I was mentioning that our mission statement is inspiring girls to be strong arm pulled it comes from a place of understanding. That we are not. I'm giving moral strength and giving them Smart to giving them boldness they are to have it within them and it's really our job to help them and cover that for themselves. What about the adult women that you both were quick what do they say about all of us. Do they wish that this was happening especially girls think was happening when they were kids. Absolutely ignorance and I was telling Jennifer before the show started that I grew up turn Portland and I'm had never heard of girls think before. And we as a organization have strong roots in the northeast in California the midwest and as a girl's think we started here in 2005. And offering programming so I certainly knows that haven't IA. I have when I got to learn about girls think in my role I may become immersed in that. I hadn't realized I could've benefitted from meant and and I think one of the key things that is so valuable in terms of what we offer. Through girls ink is. Providing an opportunity for growth to come together in an all girl environment. Similar to what the imperative and is doing. In my early days Asus thinks that we were providing a safe space for girls to be girls. And I've come to realize even how much. More it is to be also offering a support of place for them to express themselves fully. I'm in so bad is key here that I think that you know. They're so many messages about how women are supposed to interact with each other that our. I'm very harmful. And so when women come to me and they've experienced girls think through volunteering her being outer bands. I do you hear so much around you know it's amusing to think about these girls growing up in the community where. I'm they feel the support of their sisters. Do you feel like perhaps boys could benefit from girl's link. Adding that that's a great question and that we actually have haven't firmly believe that every. Child should get the programming that will help them succeed and so we've worked with partner organizations to help them develop ways programming. And to meet. There needs. As well. I'm dumb also thinking maybe just on the couple learning the boy is learning the girl's team excited thinks he's so I can you better win it girls yes that's the late and not every move young man or ma'am it is is a terrible person Renault apps for all got. Mostly pretty good for some out there that could use local. To meet girls think of new thing for them. Absolutely. Not the. The intention at the end part of that was to hold a safe and supportive space like Elizabeth was saying for women. To let. Every resource that they received. At the imparted that ripple out to their. Families and their communities and so it's it's envisioned it till holed a collective of collaboration. And so the event is for women to take these tools to bring to there. Significant others to their children. Now what do what is tell me more about that what does that mean when it kind of ripples out and spreads. I just firmly believe that as we each take full responsibility for our lives and access resources to help ourselves. That that naturally. Ripples out to benefit for the greater good story and I believe that starts with herself rippling out to our. Cindy of significant partnerships are children. And then I just continues to grip well and women helping other women in that aspect in that ripple is probably pretty amazing. Think it's vital and we can see is this is such a vital time where. He can you imagine as each person in power what I can do on collective level. Yeah. And that's it's amazing it is and we know it's true for girls as well. We know that one positive comment can propel a girl I'm significantly towards her future potential. And as much as we know that a negative con one negative comment can deep rail a girl very easily and that that's why you know. A one of the key essential elements of all of our programming is exposure to implement. So that girls cancer deceive themselves in future goals and areas that they may not previously been exposed him. This meeting girls think do you. And well trained and girls to stay away from social media or. Proud just had to deal with how does how are you work work that we actually have a patent media literacy program that we offered to girls and we have age. Appropriate developmentally appropriate. The modules as girls grow up. And it starts with patent. Yes very and missed ate dinner kits are sort brown dead. Right by a marketing advertising. Ever accept her. And and it very early stage it starts with you know what is the difference between an advertisement and news you know I'm really answer ready to break down. You know what is it that you're seeing and what is it and also what messages. Are you. We're receiving from all of these different and channels and haven't you know. And very easy exercise that we do with that girl some. The sort of impresses upon them how pervasive it is this you don't will bolster them brands and that they immediately identify every single brand into. Patent and we talk about we know what are brands and mortar companies doing and what are the messages associated with their advertising campaigns. But one of my favorite elements of that program at all ages. I missed the opportunity for the girls to create their own media projects. So how and what that looks like for example as the girl's coming into radio studio and creating their own radio issue of and and so it gives them an opportunity to get behind the scenes. And start creating their own contents. And I'm served three fashioning it for them in a way that's very positive. That's really cool me Alec and so can we talk a little bit more about the empowered event which is coming up you have a bunch of speakers and a bunch of special guests let's talk about those. I'm so honored and proud to be feature being. Overnight Ain. Speakers here in the Portland area that will be presenting as well as internationally renowned next speaker and prisoners here at center. Yeah cartoons were so I guess so. In the realm of financial empowerment. Came featuring the founder of my financial girlfriend Lisa Brown. As well as Andrea Alito has been and how well known coached throughout the Portland area working with leadership teams and they keep. Thirteen actually believe she volunteer patrols think they're going to go to. She speaking nine what are the stories we tell ourselves with their money and how how are we choosing to show up for our financial empowerment. And to impose a big deal the big deal. And they I don't think it's spoken about. Openly either I think that there's a lot of shame around us our financial literacy. So I'm an impassioned about bringing topics that need be. Easy to avoid and treating safe space for women to be supported in these serious. What are you hoping women come away with the probe after being there on May 21. Great question and my intention in addition for every woman that attends. Is that she can recognize. Her potential and power that she has. And step by her showing up for herself. That that is making a difference not only in the lives of young girls. But that she is making a difference for the leadership when we're in dire need to have seen. In our country. Can we give up the details of the event in the last lender so we have here how can people get tickets more information winners of where's it. Yes the empowered events happening on Sunday may 21 at the nines hotel. You can visit empower an event dot com for all of the. So we are pretty pretty awesome event and that's all for helping to support girls think how we find out more information on girls and two. As the best place to armour pat gross thinks our website which is www. Girls and and girls think is a national organization correct correct we are the local affiliate of national organization that's headquartered out of Indianapolis and New York City. And into the it's the coolest ones did it. That is. Both going to be a great events that like to think you both for being and so today experience I hear of we were speaking today with Jennifer Elise creator and producer of the empowerment and Elizabeth nine executive director of girls think of the Pacific northwest. May microscope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program and I'm Jerry blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit public affairs organization or you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website handsome richer information there. Thanks for listening to metro scope and enjoy the rest of your weekend.