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May 3, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is metros go. And Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of in this time on the program we're going to be talking about some great volunteering that happened in our community recently and also how you can get involved on the program this time we are welcoming Rebecca brown director of community investment at Comcast organ selfless Washington. And Stephanie Murdock Stephanie is the principal partly elementary school in rock went full commitment to scope ladies. Thank you don't think you have escaped. Rebecca let me first get started with you know it seems like just a couple of weeks ago my correct it was the fourteenth annual Comcast cares day. Illini is that it's hard to believe that even two weeks ago but yes on Saturday April 22. We mobilized closed its 2000 volunteers across our region so from Long Beach Washington down in that Springfield Oregon. We had a variety of volunteer projects going on Q. Work and our communities and and help make a difference. To reducing 2000 volunteers. Yes. I got to the finalizing all of our numbers now but yet are we built project to hold up to 2100 volunteers so. It was definitely a big day in and over the years that has become one of the largest single day corporate volunteer effort than that he stepped. That's gigantic there are a lot of these people that were volunteering hourly employees of contrast are they volunteers from the community you're kind of a combination of everybody. You got it's actually a combination of every why that's so we really work to to try to work alongside the community so it's Comcast employees. In our family and her husbands and wives children coming together with friends and neighbors and community partners. As such as you'll hear from speculator with the schools and the kids in the and the board just as the variety of folks are coming together that make a difference then get back. Know a lot of people out there listening and they volunteer and they are part of organizations that try to get volunteers. What's your secret 2000 people's lives at the. It is I'm really and it's grown over the years and we started this back in 2003 and that you know their work quite as many back in the day and it's about. That conversation and what we do. How but. A promotional spots we run and to tried to let people know and educate them about that and that's communicating with our plays and making sure that they are telling their friends and family. And then at the same time to working with our community partners who are incredible. About going to be an employee recruiting volunteers as well so it's truly. A team effort it to go out and hard at those volunteers. And did you say they're projects always longed you to Springfield. So I'd tell me about some of those projects also pretty vast area learn from our area. It is right and everywhere in between two so for instance now and then and Springfield Oregon we've partnered with are currently account needs to create. What their their vision is an arc parks so a park for the community it with accessibility features the mind. For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Filly broke around and then put up caution over 15100 square feet offense CNET and started that project. Oh through a Ben Kelso Washington actually we worked with another elementary school a Catholic elementary. Do work on rebuilding in an improv they've come of their playground equipment and landscape peanut beautification projects. And just really working to help improve disclose something that you know they couldn't get data. I think even over a few weeks and we kinda came and then and I think had overnight he volunteered that there working at this school so. From the organs it bank you know pack team and beef packing bulk foods that the organ trade bank and caution hoping to project in between. Far mean it's crazy what the clear get a little bit everything. Sorry sorry for interrupting. But we did a project you're gonna come we do. A day in similar to this we're all our employees volunteer and we don't want it at the food bank and that was some of the most fun I've ever had. If that's what it's so great and I have to say I think we even had some of you join us out there on cared they killed some thirty days so it. It is a fantastic and you know I mean he attacked over a thousand pounds of food and just. To know the impact your making them that's gonna go across our. Anytime you volunteer the food bank is something different and that day we had to her hair nets and smarts and we got to pack. No actually at the shock corn and then packet into the freezer bags sort of it was a hilarious that the. The hair nets are nice accessory you recognize your guns makes it all that much more fun to volunteer. Exactly and then you have project ahead let that we get a Hartley elementary. Which was our biggest project this year wrote we tried to recruit over 400 volunteered to come out and really help improve. Improve their golf. We'll hear more about what does early elementary. Stephanie I don't wanna use there. Solid and killed there were I think around 35360. Years so people here that day which is. Amazing especially since that poor defer one hour's yeah days. We got lucky if adopted so. They got a little muddy and then and then and it's stopped raining thankfully but there were. Inside and outside projects just. Really transform. So many spaces and like Rebecca said earlier. Get done and then things that we just don't have the capacity to get done even over months and months planned so. There was redoing the bathroom. And a total transformation and playground. Area with new. Mark champs and planter boxes and redoing the walking trail in building up the soccer field and redoing basketball hoops. Tip painting in the hot in the hallways inside and building custom book cases per one teacher's room there was. People everywhere and things going on in every corner of the building that daily the main thing. Little got done on one Saturday. Yep that's what it'll. It was. Amazing and I am honestly say the thing that stops people in their tracks is the transformation of our Korea are we had a courtyard that was. So overgrown. You. We didn't even know there was a pension and a bird feeder in one corner of the X. And how a couple of Stephanie didn't you say it was sort of like overwhelming for the ticket but no one wanted to touch it anymore. Starts right nobody wanted to go outside and then the scary it act Comcast was the team leaves for that project and you can be out the window in the library that looks for the greater now you you couldn't even see out the window. There is a beautiful. Picnic table that the staff can eat lunch time and hopefully when the phone comes out tomorrow and we can't let. Has found banter think that I'm in the courtyard and just overall you can. He hit in it now it's not just overgrown and so that's the one that that gets people actually stop and look out the window and go oh my gosh. The Stephanie you are the principal hardly elementary school which is and Rockwood and firm may be members of our audience listening that don't are familiar with mr. elementary school tell us about it. I'm in my second ear hair. And we have approximately 475. Students. Whereas very diverse school where a majority you Latino students. In fact last year Multnomah County named he Latino cultural center and so. We have an afterschool program called farm. School uniting neighborhoods and our provider. For that program is Latino network. We are. About. 65% of students learning English as a second language and all of our students here receive free breakfast and freelance set up a warped. Yeah I did was reading it's a considered a high need schools correct. What exactly what exactly does that mean. That means that again all of our students received. Free breakfast and lunch so low income schools parents have to fill out a form of that the type of assistance that they need. But here at hardly all students receive that parents don't need to sign a form. Until it speaks to. Build bone again the level of peace here at her pretty. How did you project gets elected for Comcast cares day. Well interestingly enough my PE teacher Elizabeth Barrett that hey you have you heard about this we should try to be apparently could it possibly. Get involved in something like that and so we reached out to our district office and our communications director. Andrea watching them put forth our name and then any Rebecca and record of other people came out to. Meet with us and we talked about. Kind of the needy here or what project he'd love to see get done that and to tour. And then the home thankfully Rebecca emailed me about it daily errands but we were children. That's pretty exciting. It is a top secret information until in the Monday when everybody comes back knew very few people know that says Comcast has come out negative transform everything. No in fact India. Sentinel fliers with our students and it was on our web site and we had a good amount of our students and their families show out and volunteer and our staff as well the Comcast cares state so we had a heard of the Hartley community and family here. Volunteering that they as well. That's great to get everybody involved. What was that what what happened on Monday when everybody could come back. It would it was kind of staff. But instead especially that that courtyard were just like wild. You can see out there and look at how beautiful everything is that a lot of our teachers took their classes outside and the you know let's look at all the new things let's talk about what we can do with these new things and how we can take care of them out of school and the you don't. What do you think about the planter boxes and students led to come up Kimi and they hated you see. This occurred or that you've seen in the hallway or. You know bit. So basketball. Hoops or soccer field and those kind of get that. You know wandering around in amazed. Yeah I have picked up a big light eyes. Although Gary I think that soccer field isn't a big one right. Yes our students are very into factor here and infect our afterschool program has. Soccer club that's kind of one of their activity is up. Have they been able I'm curious ethnic we didn't get that chat about particularly as they've been able to use that with the weather and what I advocates got the play out on the field. We've had a couple of outdoor recess then. But I'm not as many as you would apply until the they have gotten you a little bit but not not to the extent of what some hopefully sunny day it'll rattle. But this has been an awfully way the year has not yet. I'm revert to end very soon. Early in an I just want to add if I can't you just how fantastic have a partner hardly elementary was and that community Amy that's really one of the third of schools in Africa behind. K Comcast cares day is. About working alongside of the community and that and the people that were helping and so. It was just a really neat experience to get to work alongside aid with students and their families. And that in the district to me they were even like an element among district's staff is so I mean it was really a little bit of everyone at some of the high school look at coming over and Reynolds high school JR OTC program some of those kids came and it was just an incredible data you this the source from the young to old coming together at all you know focusing in on making change happen it was it was incredible. How does something like Steve Hurley elementary school project and in fact all of your other projects how they get coordinated is it seems like a kind of big undertaking. It is an. It'd we have fantastic partner in the community. Hands on greater Portland which is sort of that's a program of the united way of the Columbia limit. There are whole mission is to. Implement and produce volunteer project that we sort of viewed partner with them to use their expertise on how we should run especially like our largest projects. And then it's really a hats off to you at the Comcast employees. Who stepped up outside of their normal everyday job and take on sort of like a team lead role for Kerry states. So I have a variety of complaints that I get to work with it sort of service points on all of these various projects that help. Help them organize it and if front. Start to finish it's just an incredible partnership and then again to working with our community partners like currently like the food bank. I'd like to differentiate farm like our complaint county that they help but they also provide the manpower and organization and it's. No it's a lot of meetings before hand in the planning impressed. There's great organizations like the school library in Portland at which we can rent that took Ramadan a fairly have to purchase everything blessing that we need but. And Home Depot and Lowe's and and just really it's that the massive community undertaking that's fantastic. Yeah I would imagine that is great because tackling that courtyard sounds like it's a requirement. We're required Gordon does good constituent of the. If I didn't know that a lot of arm strength that means he had heard yet that's like on their work out and for the day after that. These huge giant dumpster for all. We. Thought but what. But that's what a fantastic thing he noted to spruce a preschool and it just makes everybody so much more excited about everything. It does that instill that pride of ownership and you know that community coming together says. Show how we care and keep it then work on it together and you know the cancer are you talking about. How we maintain and watering the flowers on the stopped raining in although things. What a great teaching moment actually right. Yes yes and filling that pride and in your community and where you go every day. So I was reading somewhere that most of the human volunteers had during the back to actual physical labor were adults right we had a lot of youth volunteers that we're doing other things all of those construing. You know we have middle and high school kids and I am even pushing wheelbarrow full of the soil and our camps and the a lot of our kids who are helping what kind of fellow of the indoor project cleaned the classrooms wiping down the books. And getting talked. Art projects that we had going on in the cafeteria. Just are kind of the most popular with a with our younger volunteers. The so great that just from from the youngest and the oldest is open up when. Let me ask you how the project selected each year for Comcast cares and. It's done actually to a variety of ways that we always put out sort of call for nominations from our employees that had to hear what they wanna work on and what they think Jack and then. We also. Protocol excuse local nonprofits and schools and they've. You know hey this is coming up is there's something you Blake says it's sort of nominee and applied for and there's you know an application process and and that we can he take all of that into consideration in its. Hell look at our footprint there a variety of of things that we look at and and then leave and we go from there it kind of collect. I think that appear he had seventeen project totals so we kind of narrow it down and click the ones that were gonna work on the air and then we do it all again. That's also. So you this is the fourteenth your do you do you knows the history of Comcast cares they would what was it like in the beginning. I view as you know in fact it's the fourteenth year here in organ cup with Washington in our region but it as the sixteenth here for the company so basically. You know it's started in 2001 and and an on asleep until Comcast cares they started in 2001 but I just also on a process that really the company. With our founder Ralph Roberts back in 1960 degree. He just believed that you know to be a dead this business partner to. Be in the community we needed to get back where customers and are pleased with the work it was. Essential from day one and then there's even a rumor in the company that is Comcast is really the kubert community M broadcast. But together because that is just how core. Of giving back is in our culture but it's starting in 2011 just to give you an example there was maybe. A little over 6000 employees who a handful of project. And over the years in fact the past couple of years without ground to sort of a global program over a 101000 volunteers a year so. Across the country and then what are entities or are both by aids you know globally as well though it its ground in the past sixteen years. That's a that's of huge amount of people. But that's what. It's incredible and I think when editing that really proud of with Comcast cares day is not only as the companies sort of or organize and and help. Manifests at the big volunteer day but in addition to the labor and the work we provide that day. The Comcast foundation will provide grants back to the organization that we work quest so steadily that they get the labor and sort of the value of that. Here a little bit later on we'll also be delivering and cramped back to them so apparently able we'll get a grant which is very exciting so they can take that and improve. Think even further. Stephanie let me ask you what is this meant to have Comcast coming in and make such a difference in your elementary school. It was so exciting to be chosen. I know that the students and staff really felt like I ache. The kind of validating that pride that we have at our school. But that again we didn't necessarily have. Have the manpower to get done some of the projects that we want to do and so it's really. It's really just meant that. Our building reflect more out of our sense of pride in our community announced. That's from the best feeling loans and. Yes yes and I know that even kind of you can see that happiness you know and made. Are on the soccer field although there are on the locking jail that's been filled back and Miller. You know when it's sunny out their gonna get to that not the edge of the planter boxes and read a book. Rick let me ask you how if somebody listening wanting to participate in maybe next year's volunteer efforts how'd they do that. I think made you all watch and listen and definitely around April checked. Check out Comcast in the community dot com. That's sort of our volunteer let's say it's. Open internally and externally and it will list at the break your projects we're doing into the complete and there's the code. Search for what's around them and that's been looked at people wanna come out to enact and what planet we don't we give all volunteer the T shirt there's mourning its snacks and then lunch provided afterwards for everyone that comes out joins us. Oh that's great Nick's little incentive there. So I'm assuming this doesn't it doesn't come for free must cause content must cost Comcast and some money but why do you guys do it. You know we do it because. Again it's just it's part of our culture. We are all about. Giving back to our communities to making the difference where we live and work I'm a part of this community my children go to school here are pleased the same thing and it just. We want to do because it's still where it's of where we work and where we live and make this a better place trough and it's just it's something that we enjoy doing and we know. That it needs to be done and we're excited that help make change happen. Comcast cares day is is always on Earth Day. It isn't that it's it happens to follow that way every every now and again that but it's typically they'll weather this year. Because the last Saturday of April or her the second to last Saturday in April so we're waiting to find out. Here's the if there's no toward the end of April it's coming. OK but that's Monday year become custom stuff throughout the year tells us some of the stuff that congress does around the around. Calendar. I thought you know. Thank you every night up here I am so proud. The company that it works but because we do we get back all year long we have a scholarship program for a local high school of seniors that we. Offer every year. Thick coat called to Comcast leaders and achievers scholarship program. In fact where in celebrating. This year's winner is. This month that may at the end of the month with a celebration event that we host heard that 61 high school seniors that once scholarships this year. And we have a variety of programs like her beyond school walls a workplace mentoring program. We support a variety of nonprofits in the area and Canadian boys and girls. Urban League native American youth and family center just to name a few and that we are constantly put to going out and volunteering an anti the other smaller. Gil projects that we see throughout the year and then we try to hosts and support a variety of community events still. That's a great to get so involved in your community it's from it's really wonderful thing. It is and it's. It's something that we I get excited about I love my job and it's it's fun. Said just get the help somebody and make it's amazing organization that they're considered doing fantastic quarter and we left helps to put some. When those Stephanie older students are certainly living all the work you did it tell hardly elementary school right right stuff. Yes Claire thank you look at that's been great. No need to get out enjoy that Korea are very soon. Did you find anything else besides the park bench in the bird bird bath. No. That Superfund hit it but we'll listen really funding from full view from below so today. Thank you haven't we been talking with Rebecca brown director of community investment that Comcast organ selfless Washington. And Stephanie Murdock principle of Hartley elementary school in Brooklyn thanks again. Microscope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program.