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May 10, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is microscope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks and if you're a guy or you have a guy in your life you need to listen to this interview today. Wanna tell you about zero beat him to prostate cancer it's the leading national nonprofit with a mission to end prostate cancer. Zero advances research improves the lives of men and families in inspires action. And they have a fun run and walk can be a very soon and that's what we're gonna learn about today. On the show this summit like to welcome Amanda PG a mandate is the marketing and communications manager at zero the end of prostate cancer there Amanda. Are you ill on doing greats. Let's find out what zero eons to me all about zero. But Sunday you're the end of prostate cancer is the national nonprofit and our mission is to and prostate cancer. So we're working to do that I had been increased search on improving the lives of men and family is with our. Our patient centric programs and inspiring action with events plague our five K run out. And that is coming up very soon. Yeah the week. Forty on all across the country and we have one coming few port land on its on Sunday June 11. Very nice soul of that and Abu we were talking just before this interview started. And the walk is actually happening right of self waterfront in and close to downtown port lizards a beautiful part of held. It is and not all of the the brother park though if near near an area are planning to come to the area would love to have via the event. So tell me about the walk what do what can we expect at the walk. Though the ad features a five game run block we often have a one mile walk and I totally adorable kid superhero that secret ads so I'm the littlest members of the family can got up and huge short bash on before or after the events are. Just to show their support. We also have what we called these brigades per every so if I'm you have someone from out of town who can't come man or you can't personally be there on race day but wanted to support the cause you which. Can find nothing at all to mean benefit. But you don't actually have to run or walk. Stern more all still have him up put street celebration of family friendly everybody who participate we'll get a shirt. There'll be free food and the chance to connect with other you know men and families and people in the community who were impacted by the disease. Tell me about the people who participate in this run walk. No today we have a love that I have now basically any and every one we partner went on or are getting your illogical but I eighty the poet I. On the event online and it. You know we have people from the community whether it's the page and and who's been diagnosed birth or by her. Within treat dead and their families to. Just people who are in the area who really didn't wanna do five K for a good caught on pretty much any and everything in between we love to have everyone and we really love the opportunity to share awareness with people who may not be aware prostate cancer are threatened or on the implications of the disease. At the event is there informational booths available. Yeah don't we have. Specifically is zero people only to have info on dear all I thought prostate cancer on the things like that and they're also beyond. All of her. Property need for awareness there you know whether it's the DJ or other on vendors that sponsors that the event. So the goal of zero is obviously to in prostate cancer right. So so how do you how do you expect to do that and what timeframe do you have. Well on our working toward building generation bureau which is the first generation of men free from profit they can't though. I'm Ivan mentioned it through our run walk period which mainly build occupied from reading find that go to Oregon resurgent early detection and he didn't. On an all suited this meant to build awareness. One Annie and will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime by. Men aren't always aware of their red printer did beans though at some more people we can kind of get that information to the better. We also offer on education and patient support program the terror very import in for needy men who are newly diagnosed and aren't sure where to turn after they've spoken to their doctor. Com we have a program called bureau prefix steel wedge is the one on one patient support and can call in the help line and a case manager well. Is there that any question that they have whether it's you know how to YE a keep and how can you help me find resource that the pay the bills while going through treatment and 2000. A cure or on insurance questions they can get the answer tooth so. It's important that we. Make sure that these men and their families who've been diagnosed and are being treated knows that we're there for a man outside trying to and the disease totally. No we also have. On the grass roots and advocate be here in BP. Where we fight for increased to prostate cancer research funding and we have. You know an army. Advocate to fight along side I think he's got. That's great I would imagine that diagnosis is pretty scary initially you probably feel quite alone. So had to help our resources but that's great. And it's been real real mom we off a lot of of reverse -- while on our web what I eat on the bureau entered god or for men who were newly diagnosed dorks are wondering media Barack ran to get their father had and or their grandfather had dead or if you know they had a friend who was diagnosed and are wondering about the need. I'm beat three vs really allows bands to kind of see that there are not alone just like you that and we have a whole affection for what we called zero heroes who are now and and caregivers and their families to share their story but that's the bad. Among his newly diagnosed can no line in and see that there are other people who have been through it and not and you know he's not on the other. We all know that says I'm getting a guy to go see the doctor is not exactly easy. Greg and probably when it has to do with the prostate that's makes it even more difficult do any suggestions on no more guys seduce a bit but how did how do we start a conversation with our doctor. Did you know I lie and I our recommendation is always the top gear doctor. You know forget about it whether you're our brand and if you need to be tested for prostate cancer and a lot what I hear from men that we speak to is you know a day at their wives are aware and our wives kind of push them to go to the doctor Errol are asked their doctor about about this happening because. They had just wanna make sure that there on husbands are being completely aware that she usually you know with something that we always recommend make sure you're right note. It can push you get that last step but we always recommend an MD and specifically if he has you know a family member who has been diagnosed and he's aware of that fat. He shouted at speak to his doctor about it that they can make up personalized plan for his specific situation. Besides family history are there other risk factors we should be looking out for. There are both Stanley. History ion is the wind not as there is also increasing age though it's not just an old man that he is at the Indiana and he does diet. Our top rigged factors. Aid prostate cancer is no. Prostate cancer on in his forties so it doesn't only. It doesn't only had older men so its import and Tom that conversation with your doctor I Turkey this very important. But those statistics increase quite a bit as you age is that correct. Yes they do age definitely is on. You're one of the largest brick. Risk factors the vast majority of men not on our over 15100 I no dominant significant majority over 65 but. You know there are those he says that fall outside of alliger quiet they'll worry and to keep that in mind. And what age should Geist maybe think about getting tested. So on that really is recommend likened that to talk to their doctor. Product yet they screening is that bird and pat that a doctor will do look. And at the blood path to but it. It's a little bit controversial and not it's not always on the recommend this. So recently the USPS yep which is the task force of that kind of designate on the reading through these patents for cancer and other disease is. Has recently upgraded their rating should be which means beer doc you're. At age forty. Men should talk to their physicians about screening and they're hurt already can. Starting and and I believe. Know that there are things he does for men who are diagnosed younger with that a fan a strong family history though if that's the key on it doesn't hurt after doctor earlier. Absolutely and Ella to my doctor has kind of been keeping track and has certainly been asking those questions lately. Colleen I'm over a certain range I thought. Pretty let me you're taking charge about those all important. Well it's great Ella doctor that's also your advocate you know that since they're there to help you out that's really fantastic. Exactly is your story can you talk about maybe some of the symptoms that a guy might be experiencing and may be looking elsewhere. So prop cancer in early stages of really doesn't have and even tennis which is why it's screening venue check up and talking your doctorate so important. But in. Other than then you include you know strong urge to hearing aid. Frequent urination and earning during urination and difficulty urinating. Pain in the pelvic area but those symptoms are you know indicative of other things as well which is you know I really today we're not doctors definitely talk to your doctor about it if you have. Any concern. But a good place to start is to go to your website give clearance they were more time some people can look up information. Yes there are land here at cancer dot org and now we have tons of information on there and then the risk factors in fact sheet. Question to ask your doctor written now. Attack glint that here you know unsure of what you should ask. We have all that information on the parent if you know you have and I can do their developer. Bird people newly diagnosed on air as well as well as caregivers family members loved ones out there who you know want to get their husband or father. Or grandfather checked but you know our insurance art. Can you talk a bit about the ethnicity and race. Who held out of the workers come in. Short the last American men are at increased. Red. Confer process he can't bear on factors that the pointer unclear at Hawaii. On the buy it. Right now all. A black mean is diagnosed with prostate cancer every eighteen minutes. And instead at the one you need the ten day that you have. Fur. On the weight and it is one and pick up for African American men on. There one point seven times more likely to be diagnosed and 2.3 times more likely on the die from the disease now. I'm definitely one of those risk factors. You know that because you wanna talk to your doctor. Absolutely. How about some population was throughout the throughout the country is a more prevalent in some areas and on another areas there's that kind of equally spread out. I'm yet but we've got me and it largely due to you know how big debate is not the numbers are higher obviously in and they'd like Patrick said. And California. On the in or Gagnon will. Our it is estimated that about 2016. Men will be diagnosed this year and about 410 multi from the BP I. They incident. Really entirely depends on the other factors that we mentioned on another one is on exposure to Egypt or should. So we see a lot of that enough on what their battering community which is something that we encourage job better and to talk to their doctor about a while. Oh that's really interesting and in a little scary this is definitely I don't think you wanna check out it's an. So of them besides no balked in run which is coming up June 6 is that correct. You know June 11 they apologized. What how else can people get involved in and help out and raise money and raise awareness. Let the unlocked beyond we have what's called an awareness to people program. On and so people who are injured and dead end. Kind of sharing awareness of the problem they can turn their local community say they you know go downtown and see that there can be held there and they really want people there know about proper. Probably can't tell anyone and then to know. To talk to their doctor or they can sign up her awareness of people toolkit on their website and we'll send and tons of information and things to give away. People cross for them to put ballot that they can spread and that awareness in their local community. Look we all still have what we called a do yourself program though you know if you don't live near run walk or you know that there are you team and you wanna do something out. I'm you can put your own and then. Or you know Cree it create your own T shirt and ballet and on our DIY site there are two kinds of things that people have died non. We have people who DIY their birthday party isn't in that you know it's getting gifts from people they encourage them to make a donation to their page on to appear out. Which isn't really popular and we've really. Really love to see people doing and then we also have in November a program called growing gift which is. Growing out all the facial hair. And raising money. For the cause in November 2000. Lots of different ways to get involved and on our website it we have information about volunteering whether you wanna consider radar. Posted at that hurt you know do something on your own at all boundary things. Growing up your facial hair in Portland is certainly a popular thing. Yes I'm sure it's. Think it's gotten popular all your round not just did not know gave November so we try to keep it going all year long but. Some people here like to say it's so I don't know if we're out. You know Portland in the entire Pacific northwest we've got a lot of official there. Now a lot of geared for like. Tell me about the event which is coming upon a June 16 of the Portland Timbers. On the or can birth event go on on June 18 they will host the prostate cancer awareness. On people be about ten dollars in the proceeds through people benefit bureau and then now or game neurological society which is stop the our partner for the run walk. On it more information can be found on the rape web site which is sop Penn along minute hero prostate cancer run dot org botched flash port when. And you can get their from the bureau cancer dot or outlets that a while. OK now let's get back to the zero prostate cancer run walk that that date to get his June 11. June 11 on start at 9 AM. No let ads we're really excited I'm to have the event in Portland and to have or again neurological deciding on board has been often partner we really love having you read in part why. Com and are excited the everyone matter. How is this the first time you've done in Portland. This is not the first time we don't need a package that Anita back at and you walk on. On rape there. Also wouldn't even known for her or never never yet we are hoping I don't know if I thought. How does some idiot registered and signed up to be given a participant. Now why web site at an engine the bureau prostate cancer Ryan dot org slash Portland. Or any of those other web site believed you there on they can sign up right there there is. On the right hand side you'll be registered team join a team register as an individual also you can bring out your whole family all your friends if you want or just come you know tire myself and battled that you have I've raised for the raid stopped if you want argument I'm Dion Andre today and you'll get an email with steep hill that there are any. You know fundraising program happening anything like that on you'll get those that empathy you know we like that keep in contact with our participants will. How much money are you hoping to raise her in Portland. I'm pulled green I. I'm over 50000 dollars the works I think we're looking non could be right about there again this year hopefully a little bit more on the fine you. On go to words I'm around the country toward research for new treatment. Free propaganda I think for men and educate men and daily about prostate cancer and then another portion of the proceeds will benefit. And the origin illogical but my immediate can be used for arms support person education abolish the research. Both prescription that the portraits are important because like you mentioned a lot of time. A man whose newly diagnosed you'll feel alone an area of course it's important for him to be able to have the right to go to talk to other men in the same situation. Would you say that even if a guy can't participate in the run walk that they can come down to Elizabeth carruthers Harkin and hang out and it's more information. I absolutely. And it's not just Iran walkers or. Or our participants now when he allowed to have the whole community there. Whether to cheer on the people who are running on or just to meet other people who were impacted by the disease or death the more information about. We will have on the moon from bureau there on to talk about how you know anything really any question that you have been if they're really agree community event and leave friendly great way to kinda get outside. When it may now annually just to connect with other people in the community. William and by June it's usually relatively nice in Portland that's what we've been having some serious rain this year and garlic. By June we should be good. We're hoping for a bright and funny you. That's that's the competition it's usually not to undo but it's at least not raining that's a good thanks. Probably go kids superhero dash for dad to me about the. So odd that we do it stricker got her dad is the four kids but to encourage. Varied as the men father grandfather uncle brother in their life to take charge of their health and it's who is adorable. On we often have kids you know who dressed up in their superhero costume. I. On did you know little bash on the usually get mad old. On everyone cheered them on it's really tell you that I fever parred the date to be honest. And it's just that they can encourage that and you know in their life. And take charge of their health. And you know keep track as. Prostate cancer and be more aware. I was kind of cruising through your website they saw some adult men dressed up as superheroes is yeah. I'm what do you yes that are not our volunteers around we get some wonderful. It's. Team without an. I love those so we aren't you for the adults I am sure you can talk again. On his own son did people really you know we have large team that can't be and lean. On large groups so they don't sometimes we'll have him McEntee turn between love and above to see all the different ideas people come up. So people do can address up for the race. If you have a larger scheme and you know you guys the bleeping people get acting teacher if you you get like day out and attacked shirt when you I'll participate by. I'll leave in larger team do you you know matching shirt gotten there aren't always cop do but sometime I'm going to. That the that the people do umpires got. But the very least you should come down to build the carruthers our engine eleven and just see the spectacle. Yeah it is anyone's guess Al. I would love to do that myself. Or you can volunteers. Hum we are so underwent play it on their affection for volunteers. For people to sign up. From anything from you know helping with registration you helping with set up. You. And pretty much giving out information out on that website they'll be away for not a Bob. And Tony so more about the snooze for dudes. They get there at broken sound like something interest. Yeah I don't believe do you look one of the support the run locked in Portland or in your local area and new media are out of town on that day or you live in a completely different state but. Your brother had prostate cancer and he lived in Portland I'm and you wanna join his team. You can beat news produced on you get it T shirt and you get all the theme. Agreed saying you know if third intended app. Happening all the big benefit of signing up to participate but. I'm you don't actually have to run or walk toward and I. Are you to sleeping in there right. Yes those weak and on race day is how we have like this they get so if you don't wanna wake up super early. Or are really aren't in now. Known Tom for the rays and you can still check your support for the. And how about the post race celebration at some pretty exciting. Yeah we loved that has kind of everyone in the community after the race it's just such an awesome opportunity for people aren't impacted by the disease and even if you're not need to live in the area and wanna participate to kind of he now and just. Stick around after the event. Bird just keep a little celebration. What would you say so we I don't mean to put two on the spot here below would you say to a guy who was in May be a little bit embarrassed or has some trepidation about. I'm wondering about prostate cancer. Yeah I held hands that it. The first step is always to talk to your doctor parent and should it there isn't anything embarrassing about asking your doctor. You know about your health and a lot of time the doctor will say I'm glad that you are taking charge and you know keeping keeping track of why it. You could be averaged four and just start there. I'll outside if you know his. Why for his family. Just good start there because you doctors he faced the at all there's really nothing I don't think that you could say that would shock and and I would recommend on starting marrow or and you are starting you know in the privacy of your own home mind you know the bureau web site to see what information you can get before. You kind of you know broadcast your concerns. That way you're really have all the information you need to not be worried on Warren Barrett the ballot and if your question. Has zero cancer dot org is a great place to start there's tons of information there's really an awesome website. You know we really PO a lot of really really love to have that much info as we can hurt you know men and their families to be able to do. Anything but find out anything from find out if there are red com and you move. Print out information in fact sheet about proxy can't third Q you know what are your neck staff and about. Each type of the what your treatment options are after you've talked to your doctor and he is you know that I like to do then you could go on and take a look in the on. You know option that way you have all the information that you need. Great so a man in the last minute or so we have your Tillis all the details about the race walk coming up. Church for the zero prostate cancer run mocked import when he played at the Elizabeth Brothers park south waterfront. On Sunday June 11 at 9 AM on we love to see everyone in the community there at the five K run walk. One mile walk into it superhero dash but you don't have. Have to participate to come on out and support. The one in eight men who are affected by profit they can't turn their lifetime and let vapor that is zero prostate cancer run dot org slash port Clinton or a bureau cancer not work. That's great in this health waterfront is an awesome place to do a nice walk around her if you're gonna run it's a just a beautiful location Elizabeth curled the spark is a great place to hang out. Token and come on down. We hope that will be everyone there. Well thank you so much frozen formation Amanda PV marketing and communications manager Ed zero the end of prostate cancer. Thanks real and so. Adding and microscope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program hi Gerri blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit or public affairs organization or you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. Visit microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website handsome richer information there. Thanks for listening to metals gold and enjoy the rest of your weekend.