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Cider Summit 06117

Jun 8, 2017|


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This is McChrystal and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm your blocks and and we are great event coming up it's the site or summit Portland. And I'd like to welcome to the show Allen Shapiro Allen is the founder site or summit pale and I hear. So insider summit that is coming up Friday and Saturday at the fields neighborhood park in the pro district in Portland right. Brightness speak on the sixteenth and the seventeenth. Awesome so this is how many years have been new insider summit. This is number seven for a certain forward to your movement per always we're our first three years down in the the new south waterfront area. Fortunately outgrew it. Well we'll have to that's a good girl never supposed. So maybe he'll also start by explaining to our audience what insider and he says some of you listening isn't familiar with what Slater is. Yes so then in the simplest terms. You know grapes into line stand that Apple's stroke apparently and to better. It and salute a little confusion. Does that kind of blind as a kind of beer. Or it is just not alcohol abuse well there's this this stuff we do the festival is an alcoholic. That and it's the base form you make hard cider by pressing apple. Implementing that used just like the wind maker you know does the body pressing greats. From alcohol standpoint it is more in the bureau arranged typically about you know five and now just 7% alcohol. In on the it's quite often packaged more like beer so I think that's worse some of that confusion comes down load. It's really more limelight than anything else. You definitely see it when you see the grocery store somewhere it's it comes in a brown model usually right so looked looks kind of like a beer. You'll see hagel did and all kinds of packages that we know he's six packs you know the tall long sparkles like to do beer in seawater jerk. Single Serb bottles. But there's also. Really that you are too small segment of that. That is more like wine and champagne and a lot of times you'll see those in Clark understood 750 on the Obama also. Setters you really really a broad category union. I think it's been. Funds for the consumers in the north plus especially where craft Beers so prominent. They loved to try different tastes and styles and then kind of adventurous and then there's a lot of echoing a common disorder category right now. Don't assuming different apple or different pair produces a different cipher. Yes and for the most part the arm cider makers will boy oh one's different Apple's. 88010. Primarily to work what if it's available. Not really big eating apples you'd find in the murder restores some some of the more and a crab apple pie it's. Really create it better. Bomb quality senator but you can make it from granny Smith took macintoshes as well. Decider something you can make it home. Does have relatively bit of luck but I don't mean it wouldn't say it's a simple process 'cause insures up symbol that can you can you make it home. You count it. Probably won't turn a break up. Cook. Especially my turn this thing if it. Tate is millions theory you know it's you. The left. Jug of apple juice open there might be wild Isa NATO air that would kind of you know you don't sugars and converted to. Alcohol and carbon dioxide which happens the scientific way. You know under real purpose professional cider making facility. Know the truth because that's cool how beer was discovered just you know thousands of years ago that they Ukraine's. Getting tormented by wild Houston in the air and then there's the people of the day drinking in Netflix wouldn't go home this makes me feel kind of good. It our all one advice are write things. Since later been around for a while accusing Beers be room for hundreds of years. Many Seattle only fear was discovered actually thousands of years ago and you know and really in this country cider was the strength of our founding fathers. Meticulous. John Adams is to start his day with a tanker of cider. Then maybe that contributed to some of the brilliance of the. About that's the and not a bad way to start the day so there's so how big is later in the US and especially in the northwest. It's been growing quite as did after a couple of and then the last few years after a couple of fits and starts. Right now outsiders we category in the US there's only do about between one and one and A half percent of the total beer volumes. Where's of the compare that had a craft beer craft Beers about ten times larger. So it's still relatively small blood in the last. News six years in the growth has really accelerated. So there's something you know in the area sixty 80% annual growth. You know and so it's human relieve the fastest growing category in the beverage alcohol business on the amnesty. Decades. Well that's inept pretty significant. CN because we're here in the north class you know where were home to Apple's. There were home for you know a lot of craft Beers and you know local wineries. This has been in the region of the country. Where it has been most popular so. Where we talk about you know Warren do one and a half percent of the national. Volume third national shared insider. Did them both Portland and Seattle it's it's closer to four times out. So in a lot of ways it mirrors the growth. Northwest winds sit back in the eighties. Band northwest beer in the known primarily in the nineties and beyond. So how did all of us in the Pacific northwest get so lucky we have coffee. Come Hortons coffee we've got craft beer we've got great wine and we've got great cider at all right here. It's put it to good place to. And a couple of really envy of the United States I think so. I think so you know from an outsider perspective. If the category kind of murder Detroit you'd expect where the apples are we in New England in Michigan to some extent and out here but I there's something. About our culture here in May be New England share some of that same. Both sense of discovery in pro capitalism. Did as well. It just seamlessly you know and are to be in our culture in the north busted you know and so that's been fantastic because. Did you know allowed for a lot of small start up companies. Says to grow unemployed more more people. That you re energize some of the in other family farms and orchards. In the region. And that's all really good stuff. I would imagine that definitely has a ripple effect throughout the U. The whole entire economy of the Pacific northwest. Yes you know and on those companies you know tend to be. Really you know members of their community and a very very positive way you know no arms I think that contributes a lot to us. I think the pretty good lifestyle we have a pair of our trust. We're the idea for the site or summit command. Well I am actually in the old beer guys in here and spent most of my and so my current timeline in journalism especially important here. For many many years after the Athens and I had started my own. Specialty beer and Sutter importing business in 2002. In turn him by accidents through an old colleague. Well when I worked at Seagram's many years ago. He worked for a company called troops from Britain. That it's with the organization and helped promote British goods in the US so. Could be fear could be better could be Walker's short Brad. And he had been in contact lists and the so I read in Suffolk England called asphalt. And they had expressed an interest in coming into the US it's been looking for an importer. He had heard I had recently started this important business at hand reached out. And suggested that takes a look at that Koreans you know and and sometimes refer to myself as a recovering former wine course Feldman. So I had the time that's kind of how I perceived player. Being on the side that you know thanks very much and I'm just not really interest to them you know and any of that kind of stuff. He convinced me that this was something different and worthwhile one. So I was going to be in the neighborhood. In Suffolk anyway is tripped over him in the summer vote to. And so I thought I would drop by as a courtesy visits. And you will you do the kind of an enlightening. Moment. Communal experience side or services. Fastball. It was beautiful 300 acre orchard estates. Income towards the East Coast of England. And in the it was the first time. You know I had great cider it was a beautiful package very elegant kind of campaign like. And it reminded me the first time I had my folks good beer. Her first really good glass supplying you know after drink in the junk stuff for the opening lymphoma remember that. And so I definitely got in a separate category. No men. Fast forward about 56 years since they and I was chatting with an old friend in the Bay Area from. Craft beer days. And he was quizzing me about fighter especially marked as more products. Because he just you know much about the category. Did he. Kind of realize. We're felt there were a lot of parallels between. What happened when you know working together in the early days of the craft beer business. In the late eighties and early ninety's. You know and what he perceives that you know is an issue a cider which closed that it was still kind of a mystery to people. You know and he suggested. That. Maybe what the category could use is. Something like large scale sampling experience. It'd been so successful with their early here gospels can think of Dorgan brewers festival. In those first days of many cases that was people's first exposure to these kind of Beers and yourself. And so he was gonna tell if I was you you know I've created a factor possible improper and give people that's sampling opportunity. And help remove the ministry. You know mail was about 20072008. You know and couple years later I felt like the category was was there then there are enough products in the region to start creating a possible. And in 2010 and I got together with few of my firm's opinion we slept together. The first site or some of which actually took place in Seattle then 2010 on the being on them. As Portland for the following year 2011. And you were a couple other locations throughout the country to right. Right and so it's 2013. We went to Chicago which is our only indoor elevenths and that coincides with kind of an annual federal makers conference. In 2014. We. In northern California. The under. We're still we're looking at maybe one more global have a decision soon on the and it's been very gratified because of that first festival we got maybe 400 people who show up. The first one importer Olin was maybe 600. You know and now typically are events starter in the area of about 3000. Attendees. That's some pretty significant growth that are. It's we we can honestly never thought we could grow older than past a thousand people. You know so we may get certain we're kind of lucky with our time. And hopefully have been a good part earn him. Helping the category grow you know miracles being some of these people you know risking their life savings and their problems to us. Does start these businesses and then giving them some exposure and an opportunity to help grow their programs. So the site or some of Portland is happening Friday and Saturday June 16 and seventeenth at the fuels neighborhood park in the pro district in Portland. So to walk me through our people inexperience when we when we come to the event. So they will we're they're purchased get a souvenir taking glass from the certain number tasting. Tickets. And there will be approximately sixty different producers. About two thirds or more. I come from Washington and Oregon. That we also have a you know a decent geographic representation and we have some classic international styles as well. So there'll be nearly 200 fighters. The people choose from. And we don't recommend that they try them all. The lesbianism. We re publishing guys in advance and they're all listed online in its letter summit dot com so people within kind of zero in on what they want and tried. In so obese. No three ounce samples primarily and almost a product Serb special behind alcohol. In people can learn paste an array. So we've kind of everything under the umbrella of the senator categories. There will be food on site Purcell so they can to make sure there that there are managing their consumption well. In we also. I'm really have a nice music program was put together with one of our beneficiaries the cascade blues association. Without Al doesn't. Port on the slope leading loser artists. Performing. Throughout the weekend. And hopefully like the sun. He's young. Some other fun things to do all your up and enjoy good day at the park. We looked ahead of the forecast. Is it is again we say of course in recent. It's the park not a world champion of course is changing every day. It was supposed to be mid seventies and then nice weather. And so we're due last year we got some rough weather for the first time in them our previous success and so we're due for really really good. Up. So in the end you you mentioned one of the beneficiaries but you also have three other beneficiaries that are going to be part of your rentals about those. Church so all the hold them back cascades lose association for a moment so they've been with us the last few years. You know in the be joined our van really did and my request. Those looking for a way to our good buddy of mine named Jim Miller who passed with a few years ago. In June was a picture on the Portland music seems. And festivals seeing this kind of look co-founder of the by the port on the waterfront blues festival. The end and so we created the Jim Miller festival stage. They advance the that has helped us attract some of these great great artists many of whom Jim you know played in different bands worth then you know and other gigs. The end and so we. We're pleased that they've come on the word you know we're pleased to support their work kind of engines memories. We I have also worked with from day one the northwest side or association. You know and they're kind of to the regional. Umbrella association that produces. Growers in the different cider makers. And so they've really been hurt our partner. Into account on what this stuff to hold her since its inception. We WAS emergency pet hospital came onboard a few years ago. We. I always just let people becoming torment always seemed to enjoy that we allow dogs. And our production team are all dog lovers and it's kind of fun and you know people are crazy about their pets here. You know under the arm. So vote we had a none usually will firm. Day a couple of years ago that a lot of our bouncing him. We realize we really hadn't made proper accommodations. For the dogs in terms shade and water north. So we turn created. Does Doug Lewis dog lounge. Yeah and so these. Partner of them output. Commercial partner this year recycled dog. Then they sponsor an area over the past can come and roll around and a little bit of water and coauthor of the the hot days. And get some water employee is an the owners can mingle. And the dogs can socialize as I guess the owner or socialize with them they and do we love supporting a bomb that their work. And lastly. One that's been with us from the beginning is called the institute for myeloma and bone cancer research. You know and that's also in part on her another friend of mine had passed away ten years ago Virginia McLean. And should have worked together in their early days of the craft your business and I learned. We. Kind of been involved with several several fundraising projects. With the number. Over the years so let's. All of them are I think have really good positive impacts in the community using him. They have of we have a personal relationship with him in a lot of ways. Very nice great to have that community support. It's death it's just spit it out. We're happy to do it and support these great organizations that we believe in them and they layer of fun and excitement the event took. All the dog lunges that's got to be unique to you guys are that I there there are other events that let dogs and like I think here's the big event with dogs. Yeah I did. Hot you know I don't know I think people love that idea of the dog lounge. They and we have so much fun. He can that this. We get hundreds. Through the event in the weekend them. And one computer than the next that just. It makes them you know the humans enjoy it. That much more or they can bring their pets so we always say to him you know pat Somalia deserve a louder dogs of all ages are allowed billion plastic when he wandered over. That's where you're at the dogs can be whatever it's. Exactly okay people. Well since the site of some of the benefit the community. You know I think the other part we touched on. Bit which is one of the things we've always wanted to do his part of the mission insider summit. Was to give exposure. To kind of these startup for him on some smaller community brand as opposed to the and China well funded browns. And I and so. By supporting those local businesses and you know how much they put back into the community you know I think that's hopefully. We're doing a disservice to those small regional companies and combined with Kobe spoke about earlier what. Helping to promote the category in May be her re energizing some of the family farms and orchards. Throughout the area. As you said kind of Texas community and multiple layers. Now. And you this he said there's a almost 200 different types of sabres to be sampling of the event credit. Right so about sixty different producers. Wouldn't typically there will be bringing three to four different styles and I'm. Did. It's just an enormous range from what you might consider your very basic. Apple cider to Spanish style holes. A very kind of funky Union Pacific and sour. To every fruit flavor you can name we have a competition. During these amounts virtually a popularity contest called the organ for products for its letter challenge. In and so. Think it's 23. Of the different participating site areas are creating special group based siders. Just for the events. And we actually have text voting. In during the event hours to determine the most popular will of those 23 different creation it's. And Morales those were very straight before closing on Saturday around 434 port side to him. You know and so each year we try to. A little something you don't to make you mention for people coming back we have a number of new side or is this year. In fact about half of the nearly 200 products available to them have never been an article before. So people that you know may become once surplus before others those a whole other range of producers and insiders to discover. How long does it take for us later to become drinkable. You talked about the orient from products from outsider challenge that does it take a long time to make them dig they're making news exclusively for the cement. You know so you know others. A wide range of of styles and approaches to cider making. Some of the bigger industrial guys can crank it out you know pretty quickly in the battery a few weeks. Moreover the are too small producers. Will typically be you know be. Three months and longer. To complete the cycle production on their product so in this it was approved outsider challenge. I can't speak for everyone but I think the majority of them. Are. Adding this to kind of the base cider but all in producing. But it is minimally a several week process. In the last minute or so we have here tells all the details about the senator summit how can we get tickets Windiz it where is that. All against. OK so. Aside are summit dot com we'll take it neither of the wide world of information on and so the events is. Fighting. You in this sixteen. We have a VIP session that starts at 2 PM in our general missions starts at three can come. And we run until late at night here on Saturday will be a thorn in the side. In your ticket allows view entry on both days. You can come Friday. And just keep your wrist band in the event class that he got as he came in and come back anytime Saturday. In if you wanna buy some additional case can pick us to try Morse utters those are two dollars each. So the events in this field neighborhood park in the pro all our entrants will be at the northwest town you know over time corner. You know and music food cider dog lounge. Pretender challenge and look for a month the good stuff so often and those available outside or some of the dot com. And a look ahead of the forecast rain outs in 75 degrees and sunny. Death to all. And it will obese later there that people can purchase and take home. Yes so we have an event store on site so nearly all of those 200 letters are available in bottles to go. You know and suited. Great way to. You find something you. You know you love pond type they you don't normally see your neighborhood store. You can take an almost direct them in their. What's gonna be really fun events. It's we it's my favorite event of the for the producer arm around the country's place location in the music. You know and just tell people what embraced it's just wanna look forward to the most future. And Portland is the coolest sound anyway. There with a touch Ellen Spiro you are the founder of the site are summits and I'd like to thank you for being a metal scoop today. It. Microscope is an Entercom radio Portland public affairs program and I'm Jerry blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit or public affairs organization fort you have an idea for an upcoming show I'd like to hear from you. This is a microscope PDX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website can submit your information there. Thanks for listening to metals gold and enjoy the rest of your weekend.