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Les Schwab Bowl 061817

Jun 16, 2017|


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This is microscope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program I'm Gary blocks of if you are in the mood maybe Jones and for some high school football action. You're not gonna wanna miss the less trouble is coming up next weekend he hears Phyllis in with a all of the details from 1080 the fan it is Jason's like our. They joining us now. Glad to be getting back in touch with them he is the founder and president of prime time is sports John McCallum as we get sets. Were closing down on the seventieth. Anniversary. Of the the north vs south all star football game the twentieth anniversary as the less Schwab tires bowl presented by express employment professionals. John hard to believe. That's you are not two decades into the this. And it's quite a history that this of events showcasing the the best high school football players in the state has been going on. Yeah I know it is crazy to go pick him back to we're media. First brought the game back to yep port a mature area back in 1998. Have legal blood. It ought to be create a lot working right man bringing big game back from down south. But it put a great great thing for the community over a twenty year. And it's you know when you guys first took it over I know oil Oilers. Just you know trying to get to gain back itself played down their what is now Providence park. I think it was still civic stadium back then I might have been PG park but. You see I was civic stadium and the excitement it's I know I've been involved in this event now for the last fifteen years in and will have a call on 1080 the fan. Saturday the 24 12:30 PM kick off walk pre games starting at noon gates will open at 1030 out there. We'll tell you more about how to get tickets over the next several minutes here but. Did you ever imagine. You know giving it to what it constitutes now for these players. And just as soon as they graduate before there are well off to think about college she one more week of of glory and women in the limelight and it's a whole week long for them not just about the game on Saturday. Yet no it's it's steadily throughout the week ended there's a special blind whipped anybody that's played the game. We know that players. From every single year still. Keep in contact with their teammates you know committed interstate we always laugh when we talk to the players in the first get there on Monday. Today you know all we know you don't like the guy to your sixty right now because you've had a lot of competition on the football field against them. But I want that they deck I think guys going to be your best friend it obviously these kids come from every community around this state. They're the representing their school their team. They're coaching staff their parents everybody's that a lot of pride from it. Bet that there also like individuals in almost these guys are going on to play the next level. They've accomplished a lot of goals may find out when they're. Next to the other person that is just like them that debt bondage is actually last a lifetime. Jenner were John McCallum. Founder president of primetime sports says his group runs the less Schwab tires bowl. Present a by employer express employment professionals serving game coming up oh on Saturday the 24. Out in Hillsborough stadium. Are you gonna less Schwab told our comp for ticket information and in for those that did get involved with this game. It is extremely competitive when they get down to it on Saturday there is a lot of pride. This series you'd think after seven yeah I know a lot of people would think well the metro area up here in Portland should be dominant you know more big high schools. Most of the state champions of the big level of come from the Syria over the last several years but not the case the north only has a one game lead. Overall when you look back in the south won the last two years and around. Yes no other lot of parity people don't understand that they think it again like he didn't said. But the biggest school from the Portland mature you dominated but obviously Becky said there's there's pride you know when you step on the football field. Doesn't matter if you're playing for your school or or you don't like for. You know stayed org in north or south. That there are right up there you know guys are very competitive. When there weren't larger view their name on the back in there have stickers on their home it's from that there are their teammates. They won away. You don't always predict great fun game to come out and concede he tells the big plays that are happening. Kaiser hidden got decline around. A lot of entertainment and it's great football. No question and then I'm always curious you know from a standpoint of of call on the game Justin hare and I will be out their call and it's over on Tenet in the sand. It's always interesting team to get a sense of what kind of game it will be. If it'll be wide open no we've seen some shoot outs in the past years. And then every once in awhile you kind of get a defensive struggle or you never know what the play is going to be that that ends up deciding yet. Now Wes Linda head coach Chris Miller will be taking care of the north he won't have ten top where there are two. To throw but he's got a lot of his guys that'll be I would expect knowing him. Former oh Oregon duck and NFL quarterback he will wanna air and out of Diaz he had the opportunity to. No absolutely you know obviously he's the great office minor it is background with the ducks and playing NFL per. Ten plus years is great guy great coach super excited to be a part of it. Are only word in any communication with him encode Stalin from Lebanon itself. And both of those guys being new head coaches in the game. Is something special because they're coming in and they're already being planned aircraft. They're ready to go there ready to start working with kids you know on the field begin months beginning on Monday all the way to the week. So we're excited about it Miguel and obviously coach Miller like stared out coach Stallman Michael a little more. Run game so it'll just be in casting ballots. Boy you talk about the pride in this event for tied Tomlin hill have his brother TJ from Newburgh on his staff they both played in this event. You know I know the last twenty years here that it's in the lush while tires poll. As well we focused on but this this goes back you know this is the seventieth playing of this in the it has been a family of fear we've seen. Second and third generation players now. An event that really is so Horrigan zone that the whole state gets the call. Their own and there is a lot of pride to when you hear stories about games back in the fifties and sixties and in on forward. Yeah net definitely is the only people dead beat dad. Grandfathers fathers and have done three generations of played any game. The other Smart about forward by different families that that's happened to. But it it it's neat I mean. Even through the state organ if you look at any event. There's a feud that last seven years plus and we happen to be one of those that were very very lucky that. You know we kept this thing going with the help what Schwab tires express employment professionals richt cup and decking fencing you know of course your good friend that Nike. That these guys will be decked out in. You don't without those partners. This scheme. Probably would not come back and last the last forty years. No question and and less Schwab tires was there. From the beginning when you have the idea. And it and coming in doing ants in. They have been a huge sponsor of of local sports of high school sports the things that. Really bring their local communities. Out in force and in can rally around in and it just. Right in line with what they consistently do at a local level for the stores in the communities that therein. Yes no absolutely you can't say enough good thing about look truck tires sinners in all the people who work there are big people Heineken he's there in there obviously highly involved like you said at a high school sports. Big deal big part of alleged plot invitational with us. But that is the big driver behind it you know anything that. Meanwhile I think they give back it'll like this scheme with all of scholarships and it helped fund and different organization that is supports. They're behind it and he can't say enough. Great things about the people there. Troy you mentioned of the better big beneficiary this is the aura again athletic coaches association and their scholarship fund may be tell people a little bit about. What that money actually goes to win and how would. It gets put back into the athletic community here in Oregon. He had the the proceeds in the game we go lions for. Any type of high school. Student athlete. You don't find so that that always mediate org athletic horse association we can partner with them since. You're one and to give back to their scholarship science. They give out scholarships to many different deserving student athletes they're on the state and then we work with other high schools to refer for kids. That are student athletes or. And all the extracurricular activities that you know are looking to you that. Don't want to the next level that whatever endeavor they're they're going after. We hope scholarship a lot of kids do that park to. John you were John mode com founder and president of primetime sports. They Rhonda Miller Schwab tire as the ball. Presented by express employment specials it's coming up Saturday June 24 1230 ticket Hillsborough stadium. We'll have them play by play call on ten maybe the fan beginning at noon gates will open at 1030. You go to less trouble Docomo for ticket information we would love to see out there in Minsk as we alluded to earlier on. Not just. Big game itself with practices. You guys says in this is where it's really grown over the week for the players he talked about how when yeah. Everybody checks in out their Pacific University. And forest grove. It coaches say listen you know we know your mood you know looked in. You know out of Korea I had to got a next to you we guarantee by the end of the week you guys are going to be best of friends and you never know that you were high school rivals but. You guys do a lot of great events during the week to help. Kind of break down those very years won just by giving them out to Pacific University. I know so many rumors going on the college yet that may be even more than the actual events in. In different contests in bowling and we need to know we'll get to. Which is being in the dorms and being on their own having not as much supervision. Is really where the bonding starts. No absolutely the other to be playing football. We have practices out there from eight to ten for one team ten to 121 to 33 of five. They're open for anybody to come out and watch these guys. It it's fun to see that progression. Because the coach he's steps are so be it. And these players are so good that they don't you don't really worry you you've had this coming year in June about fundamentals. They get right to the x.s and knows these states he'd seen guys get back on the field editor do amazing things bite they want. But again because we know they're such great athlete that's good football players. We don't quite focused so much on the football side of it there are no weak we let that happen during the on the practice field they get it this stuff in the dorm room you know guys who play cards. Period and hang out tell stories we hear about it all the time. Obviously one of the things that we deal with the players banquet on Friday hosted by court order only flags. That they'd tell those stories and great piece appeared to parents are there may hear all that stuff. And it it's it's a good time you know like he said we'll take him all over. This city to be different things it yelled as bond movies we go to about the awful while entertainment form to have a weenie contests. It's great to see 300 brown okay. Mentality he cried. Eating this stuff you know it's been such a good thing threat that people that happened to see it there about six or seven years ago. Come back every year just to watch it tilts. The board of merit wanna come out to Bob Blount. But buffalo wild and Dante and spore come washes as it is too good times as you can. As you well know. Oh yeah that's always one of the highlights of the week for the guys and the coaches all get together I think that's to you know these guys said during the season are so. You know invested in their teams in trying to to figure out you know how to beat all these other a great coaches here in the state of war again but. They really enjoy it you know the coaches from all the different schools giving together. In forming a staff for the week. Had to kind of share ideas in this kind of lose environments in and they can figure out kind of how other schools are dealing with different situations. And and talk about its it's gonna some of the issues going on. With DOS a day as well. You know there's always the issues of redistricting. In reclassification. And all that and for the first time we see her wrist in now. Is gonna play in the Washington athletic association. And Buick tri city's schools so. I know the coaches really get a kick out of it and enjoy its it and say. Take the time minute and I and I don't even know that was something that you guys had in mind when you put this together but I noticed definitely that is one of the things that's come out of that. No absolutely it'd. Great to be a fly on the wall every night after practice you don't order during dinner or lunch time meals out at City University. This pivot those guys in just pure than chat through all that bill that the things that you're talking about. Obviously to make it to this game you have to have a lot of confessed during your season. And these guys all these coaches that we have are very very bright minds and great individuals. And leaders. Football players and you might schools. So it's great to sit down chat with. Obviously like he's typical Arnold hottest stuff that goes into the side exit for those to be. The head coach at a high school. This day and age so. They do a lot of brainstorming. A no more around like a fund raising. It Elliott said there's two different issues they're faced with teenage high school kids these days. And no get down to the exit itself. Chad you were John McCallum founder and president of primetime sports is so we get set for the seventieth playing in the twentieth anniversary is the less Schwab tires ball presented by express employment professionals it'll take place Saturday June the 24 down at Hillsborough stadium. The top. Senior high school football players from the 5000006 say level north vs south matching up and you know twenty years snout into it to its you guys have been involved so oh running this send not I'm curious if there is there's a year. There are certain players that stand out over the last few decades that you can. Fondly look back on now when and remember us some great outstanding performances as well as just some amazing characters that we you've seen over the two decades. Oh yeah they can go. If you get the meeting players obviously read everybody that played this game very 95%. Plus every year playing at some level at this that the college level. But we obviously had meaty. Successful NFL guys have come through. You know I type demagogues who. You know all. All these guys that are NFL right now. You know the dollar can't score a game winning touchdown from fullback so try and tackle 340 pound. That's a lineman was it interesting. A little scenario that happened and actually won the game. So they needed it and there's characters. Every year there's going to be two to three characters says aegis class that. And that's what makes this so like ours so much fun. And such a memorable experience for all these kids. And that's that's been the best part of the banquets. You know families get a come out there really haven't seen their. Then it's tough because some of the and especially with the snow delays up from the school year this year some of these kids will literally be. Done with school and then immediately come out and will not overly started summer though just be right back into. Kind of a grinder of things for another week of a football preparing for the game itself to our parents really haven't seen him very much and to find out what they've been up soup. We get him up there and from a microphones a little bit. And they did some preparation to as well during the week on and you know kind of app presentation. How to present yourself. Going through interviews. Maybe some help on on resident days in in those sorts of things. For the guys and and it's a really big help and a lot of them are appreciated during the week. Yeah I'd most definitely in the video you rate it is to look at Barbara circle this year would it I mean there's graduation happening to it on Friday Saturday. You don't bother to date on Sunday and check in on Monday go to the week it matters. Many kids that after grew report to their college. That following Sunday so basically there are some hammer is going to be. The week. Per game. But yeah we we go also go through and we look at this event. Not just what they're gonna do on the field on Saturday but other ways to keep active community you know defeat. Mary's hope for the boys and essentially kids out there duke camp. To help. Teenagers that dole. With different things being not speaking off Foster home in. And doing positive things back for them. Both express employment French professional also was coming out specific and and do a little workshop about how to build a resume how to do an interview so when they're done playing. They have skill set to go good job they give back to their community. So plague that there's there's more things happening than just football. And I know you mentioned the difficulty sometimes the biggest names some of those guys that will be seen playing in the pac twelve on Saturday soon. You know look coaches wanna get him down and wanna risk the injuries. And there is CEO we continue to see every year than the depth of talent the quality of high school football increase here in the state how how difficult that's it for you guys. Filling up these rosters a year after year with. The notoriety now that the state of Lorena CNN in high school football. Yet delicate pink crazies that there had been a change in the challenge. But I think we've adapted to also mean there's so many deserving players playing this game. But we do have the big time division one kid in this year Britain and there's a couple that. You know have opted out because they feel like you know they have pressure. At the next level but also you know we had to go later date just because like you said all the snow days. Schools stormed session. Or next year we already contacted. You don't the talent crop the paper high school football on a war again the next few years it is. Very very deep very kids. We very talked to most of those kids saying. They were gonna have a game a week earlier next year you get BO OK can you have to report the fallen we can figure out no matter what it's always been a gold mine the plane meg game. I'm I'd tell my coach brokering process that you know this is the target I'm going to play. Why and it's it's refreshing to hear to the kids sir. Valuing this and they see it's and they hear stories obviously from the guys that have graduated or had a bump. How what a big deal it is to to be in that game. And usually it's it's a name that's and not so at the top of the list that ends up and taken home MVP honors a lot of times especially recently you never know who that's going to be. With all the awards at gin game. Yeah deal is that they did today it's it's one football game and you know everybody knows the big named going into the even Lashley said -- creative Google kicker that that became the MVP. The be kicked pretty great field goals you know won the game the last second. And was well deserved. And there's other guys that have come through that you look back in the history. And there's an adult guys to be even make him BP's someone else stated. Because again it's one game. A lot of fun there's been a lot actually need it just never know who's gonna come and rise and shine at the top. Then again this year I 1230. Tickets earlier than it's been in previous years the hops have a game later on that evening self. In or to make sure it's easier on the stadium. We're gonna go at 1230. Out of Hillsborough stadium Saturday June 24. I gates' soul open at 1030. A little giveaway for the kids for those again there when the gates open. Yeah the first 2000 kids who do org it's commander of top 48 year. The last fall tired purple. Presented by express club professionals. Many football so it's cool little keepsake. And you know looking at the weather today disposed to be 78 degrees to kick off its I about eighty but I can understand it's going to be gorgeous days. The come out and watch some football in June. Nuts grades and it's a lot of Fonda for the families. Out there as always and in new Reggie do a great job put non a great great show dusty here again. Will be on the call with me over on 1080 the fan we'll have our pregame show. Starting at noon. For people for ticket information again John let him know where to go with their legitimate had a time and not risky it's there with a walked up. Yet you can go to Lebanon wobbled dot com the just click on tickets they can buy your tickets right there they go to your email. To Paramount home or if you just wanna walk up on game day. You combine at the box office but it. Again it's gonna be gorgeous day get in my early peaking and if you can't you can't show up usually we have tickets available. That'll be a fun time well we'll see. Yet and definitely fuel Shea did under the overhang you wanna get those tickets ahead at some followers who might be in the end zone out there are in the sun. Unless that's what you are looking for. Once again John McCallum founder president primetime sports. The twentieth anniversary employing of the less Schwab tires ball. Presented by express employment professionals coming up Saturday June 24. A great week and we're looking forward to it as well with all the kids in the coaches John thanks so much for joining us here and for having this be a part of it. One more time. Help thank you very much flag we appreciate you and everybody attendees stand for covering the game and current high school sports like edu and with a fourteen. You and dusty up there on. Preview on Friday and then them on Saturday. There you go will join you at noon again on the fan Saturday June 24 kick off at 1230. He had. That was Jesus like guard with Entercom radio station 1080 the fan from. Mental scope is an Entercom radio Portland's public affairs program hi Gerri blocks of if you're involved with the nonprofit public affairs organization or you have an idea for an upcoming joke I'd like to hear from you. This is a microscope PX dot com and submit your ideas you can also go to the station's website handsome richer information there. Thanks for listening to metals gold and enjoy the rest of your weekend.