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Aug 2, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is metro scope and Entercom radio Portland public affairs program and your blocks and if you're a current tobacco user we have some very helpful information on today's program to help you quit. On the show this time I would like to welcome Shura Pope Schering is the health systems policy specialist in the Oregon public health division's health promotion and chronic disease prevention section. Hey there's your how are you. Agave think having certainly so today we wanna talk about getting people to quit smoking quit using tobacco and probably never start using tobacco products is that correct yeah candidate. So let's talk about the smoke free or again what do smoke free or get. I'm a wolf dog quickly just didn't you kind of am the issue of tobacco. Mannered and stage and the video really high level overview about pat on debt and has smokes for organ but. And no tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of death and disease and or again and national aim and it's really. Really despite that though the top. Tobacco an organ are over one point four billion per year in health care cost. And lost productivity so helping her and tobacco users quit is central to the mission of organ health authority and especially the work that we do you. And public health commission. Though the politically I would smoke free or again that's an initiative that out of the public health division and I'm under the fort Morgan health authority that. Focused on how to achieve healthier environment for all oregonians and as specifically as part of that public health division. The organ tobacco prevention and education program. Which may he might have heard it heard as referred to as you keep pat. Not working in communities and with organizations across the state to create a healthy smoke free. Environment for everybody though. Smoke free or again is an opportunity for. Community members to come together and it's true social media platforms such as. Stayed up confessed specifically and currently and smoke free organs support the community of 30000 oregonians countries but. Who are concerned about the harm that tobacco and go to wait for them to learn more. I'm about tobacco prevention and and then also about the harms of tobacco. For Oregon and and throughout the year smoke free org and messages he might have seen come on TV or heard him on the radio but there. Talent. I'm TV radio print and billboard as well as digital and social media. Crack the. Is it surprising to you and people are working your type of of industry and do you feel like you're beating your head against the wall. At times because there why do people keep smoking it's it's such a bad thing to do. If it's a very big challenge. Matt and I know that we send. We started that tobacco prevention education programme and that 1997. And tobacco prevention or tobacco consumption and he's smoking an organ had been reduced by more than 50%. But despite declines in tobacco use that still remains the number one preventable cause of death and disease. An organ that that's that's kind of what we look towards is that this is something that can stop before you start to believe we are doing a lot of workarounds if I'm advancing policies and environments and systems that promote health. And prevent and manage chronic diseases specifically. Around tobacco use and also physical activity and nutrition and south. We're really added excited about sort that we do and I think having the passion of the folks that they level as well as the local level and having match. That coordination and collaboration across the state really haven't heard it sucks to keep doing what they do every day that's. How folks can even start from even starting to use smoke or use tobacco itself. Racing and did decrease in people actually starting. Smoking. We are being seek treatment people who starting. But it still it still relevant and we want to do. I'd imagine there are declines in tobacco use but it's still remains the number one. Preventable cause of death and disease and organ and so and addiction to tobacco actually start. At a very young a it would start during child had the 90% of current adult smokers started smoking before they turn eighteen. And if the complaint or again twenty adolescents start smoking each day that we know that this is the big issue especially among these population. I am very out we are definitely I am working on. Addressing. But that tobacco use among adults as well as that you population and. What are the biggest concerns and challenges that exist in Oregon right now when it comes to smoking. Well. As I mentioned at all though that tobacco. Tobacco's cheap. We eat them and has packaging that's attractive to youth and young adults which is a big reason why a lot of them to start gearing child's head and toe weighted heavily promoted. And marketed and locations that are easily extract ball to them as well which makes it very easy. For you can use start engaging brown and tobacco you and so that they major challenge that we've addressed here. And public health division and then all though. As I mentioned that addiction and to do it tobacco start really young and so we want to make sure that we are I'm addressing all of those. Factors that come in a place for that population and I'm as well as put in the support. Come and placed you give those at a party started tobacco use that necessary services they need to help them quit. What are some ways that'd that tobacco products are advertised to two younger people. So. Big stops third so there. Flavor and that. Tobacco use can come in different flavors that are appealing to kids are here. So that's why this week component comes into play how their package to. Make their packaged in a colorful manner that's attractive he is older although there. Price. If they are still considered to be affordable and so. Their containment strategies that we know at the state and local level to help reduce. Tobacco use among both the youth and that adult population. Then what are some of the strategies. That though. And I just mentioned that such heat factor now increasing the price of tobacco is driven strategy. That. That we know at both the state and local level and it is is part of the work that's happening come across or court and you helped. Focused from the start. From starting to you tobacco without increasing the price of tobacco. Also promoting tobacco free environment so where people live work learn and play each. And making sure that there's. More tobacco free environments available for folks. Especially those that are trying to stop quitting tobacco use. Also improving access to affordable and effective services to help people quit it's. So that would be like that organ tobacco quit line and which all chat about a little bit more and then. Morning and tobacco dangers. At all Oregonian does not come about through our smoke free organ initiative and a twelve a lot of media. The EC across the state to make sure that folks are aware of the dangers of tobacco. All boats. Reducing youth exposure to tobacco marketing the kind of what I mentioned before or what but that sheep and sweet and the packaging that's attracted to you. And then all limiting places were tobacco sold. And those are some of mainly driven strategies that we know at that public health condition that helps to reduce tobacco use this. Remember and just in the recent past some stores of said the US stores and companies and there were no longer going to be selling tobacco products is that a trend that is continuing. Time we're home and sell a lot of that work happen that the local level all and so it's a lot of that and work with community partners and local public health division's. Across this state that really help move that work forward and and show the advantages do. Do businesses to stop selling tobacco and and how that. It's affecting these population as well as but the most the adult population and so that that is an advantage to them do. Stop telling something that's really dangerous to people's house. The tobacco industry is a large industry to take on. What are some challenges without. You know I think that we it's similar to the challenges that I just mentioned but really Adam. As far as we're concerned we wanted to stay on track and with knowing about the and the dangers of tobacco. And the trend that we're being with pouch from tobacco's being marketed to do that to you as well as young young adults. And then really working on that advancing policies and environment consistent changes that help to promote its. You know countering that the work that's being done to. Get folks. Involved with tobacco use at a young age and so. I think we are. We are doing as much as we possibly can at their rate that we can but. We can see with the decline in tobacco use that hour obviously I'm making an impact with we're doing. We're talking they was sure Pope with the organ health authority. Sir what are the biggest health concerns associated with smoking. Now it's about you is a major risk factor for developing. A lot of chronic diseases and when I make chronic diseases that means things like as glass or color rector colorectal or other forms of cancer lung cancer liver cancer. Arthritis and diabetes. And tobacco also worsen symptoms are people already living with chronic disease says it's. You know that burden all of hard on those that actually. Take part in smoking but especially those that are. I'm a better lower income Oregonian in certain racial and ethnic communities such as African American and American Indian or Alaskan native. To our targeted by the tobacco industry with intense advertising and marketing. What are some health risks are so they associate with smoking might surprise a listeners. Though. That I'm surprised focuses that there are no safe level that secondhand smoke. Oh. That would be approximately 250 people and organ Leno die each year from second hand smoke exposure. Which is a lot of people and nearly 200000. Organ adults are still exposed to secondhand smoke. While working in places where smoking may not be prohibited. And so those would be places like outdoor dining area at her hotel all their casinos are home care settings and construction site. So there's still a lot more work that that we have to do to help support. And communities where out smoking may not be prohibited. And help them get that. Infrastructure in place and that policy then played two make that so that I want to play anymore. You can certainly notice you're doing out in the public because it's it's seems to be harder and harder and harder to smoke in public radio to be certain amount of feet away from the front door there's no smoking in parks it's yeah it's very giving very restricted that's correct. So there's that definitely within our clean Barack. A lot has been placed Wiki doesn't allow folks just smoke can come and tie it. Are there restaurants. And then there's almost certain distance the way that you have to be from those businesses. To be able to look. You tobacco which is denigrates McFadden. Target and that's close that's. I smoke free workplace that doesn't allow folks just smoke and come inside there. Think that this event. That's been really exciting to see those things. Move forward and help progress toward an with. Tobacco prevention work. How does Oregon compared to the rest of the states in the United States. You know I can't really answer that age you know that we are and close to being the third state to do have have tobacco 21 fell amending the age from. Eighteen that when he won for those for people to be able themselves and somebody. Under the age of 21 is now. Illegal but hopefully that we're waiting for that signature to be. Terms. Offense this definitely something that we are excited about the work that to happen so we know that we're leading the way with a lot of that tobacco work. Yeah Yale organ for that that's pretty awesome. How does quitting smoking affect your health and how quickly does that happen. I'm that some quick facts about that the between minute after you quit smoking room. Your blood pressure decreases they compete. A change they're pretty quickly and then twelve hours after he quit smoking carbon monoxide levels in your bled. And your lung function improved and he can breathe more easily. And then one year after quitting your risk of heart disease is cut in half. And then five years after quitting your risk of having a joke at the name of the nonsmokers so you can see. I'm pretty quickly from minute to two years. How quitting smoking had. Such a great effect on your health. And how much of a positive impact that will make for your your quality of life moving forward. And can you also talk about how difficult it is to quit smoking what the effects of nicotine in it and for people to quit smoking what's the challenge there. Yeah absolutely so the nicotine and cigarettes and other tobacco products this. Extremely addictive. And as topic again something like heroin or cocaine. No and cigarette is perfectly engineered so that inside a smoker nicotine travels straight from the lungs but the head and the heart to. It like that there award runner than our brains to program on college want more. And then therefore overcoming the physical craving for nicotine apart and that's. Every advertisement. Or every special offer that you might be here every strategically placed reminder at the corner store. It one more barrier between people who wanna quit smoking and then freedom front from smoking and now. That's a lot of the work that I had mentioned earlier meant a lot of where we wanna be able to support. Oregonians with quitting smoking is addressing those barriers. They certainly see a lot of tobacco advertising and everywhere rate unfortunately is no longer on television or radio. Well there's yet yes you're correct and I think we've been able to do so. Address a lot of those. Those big barrier is that the tobacco industry has put into place that we definitely still have a lot more work ahead of us. And how about taping is that third consider in the same and seeming. For maintaining. Men. That is part and he. They ping has included in the when we're talking about those smoking indoors at public places like about as part of that is they're Clean Air Act we included baby being. And as well as are some may refer to the east cigarette didn't. And then all go. And then they all. Of those products. Two when we're talking about a that the male age. Hopefully change into a 21. Of tobacco that. We definitely consider. They being a part as. And that nicotine and tobacco use that we want to make sure that we get all the evidence in place before we firmly put all of that information out there. What resources are available for people to to quit smoking. Well the majority of people who use tobacco. Actually do you wanna quit and that is probably news to some folks as well. That we need to think about tobacco use as a chronic relapsing condition and the quitting is not easy and may take several attempts. Which I'm sure you've heard. The tobacco users are few times more likely to quit successfully if they receive help specifically a combination of talent playing and and medication and and then among adult smokers. Apparently an org and you out of three would actually like to quit smoking and that is. A large a number of the population and no one way that we can help tobacco users quit is by funding and statewide. Evidence based tobacco quit line which we do you haven't played them here in organ. I amend the organ backup quit lion offers a variety of services according to view individual need. So it provides Freetown plain and medication to help people quit. You can sign up and talk with the lives counselor Tony Broward the days seven days a week which makes it extremely accessible to anybody. They're interested in using its service best. It's available at all oregonians regardless of encounter insurance status. And we wanted to make sure that it was also accessible to people that speak different languages that coaching is available in over a 170 languages. Which is pretty amazing and it's a pretty basic and number that you can call it 1800 quit now all I'm Laurie can also access. Access the services QWERTY getting gauge of the service the bottom line by just going to quit now dot net backlash org and and now it's pretty easy how it works. You can call the quit line. And you talked with an expert quick notes each. They need to have that certain kind of adjustment calls and then they take you through a coaching Colin and they know lawyer going through without. They don't nagger lecture you move they hubby feel more confident about quitting for dead. There are many different ways to quit and they'll help you make a plan that all works for you and then they also provide you with the option to get medication to help people quit. Just pretty ot them. Yahoo! Music picks and sometimes it takes several tries. Absolutely and that's the normal meant so that's why the coaches are available for you. And after that first call their. They're still available for you for ongoing called and that's part of that action plan. I'm is that they wanna make sure that you had to quit date and that you're ready to quit so they wanna be there to help you out through that whole process. I'm sure varies from people to and from person to person but how long does it take to quit. It does vary from person to person but I'm not I can give you an actual answer to that and yeah. I would imagine this it's gonna take. It's it can take a wild couple weeks the couple months. I think I think it really it you know it's it depends on the person and that the situation that there an and the environments around them to help support adequate. Quitting fell definitely were trying to. Demand and that correction or give them as many support that possible on their community to help support her quitting efforts. Orleans doing across the state to create a smoke free Oregon. Well I'm as big kind of mention and with that work that we do at the state level and also at the local level it's a lot of our community partners local public health authority is. Many of the health system partners across the state working on I'm advancing college Deans. The pistons changed within. Different organizations and also creating environments that help promote health and prevent and manage chronic diseases and also addressing tobacco use when we do about. Or at that out imagine if if you're a non smoke do you think oh this doesn't affect me. I'm a nonsmoker but it actually affects everyone doesn't. After the Lilly. You know though it's it's your children and it's it's your family members of its. That exposure to secondhand smoke that you might not be a smoker about you might be exposed to it and felt. You running to do you know obviously live at a community air environment where you're feeling like you're supported you. Not have do you feel exposed to tobacco use that any kind and so that's kinda that is where we're living and the work that we're doing here at the public health division. If you are a nonsmoker what are some ways you can help out. So I would definitely today. Talking here who did this and make sure that your community about initiatives that are happening. Around. About it going to back up free or out of tobacco prevention and and then all the so. Encourage folks around you be a support system for folks that you know might be taking part in tobacco use and encouraging and being at the part that the present to help them quit. So it's it's kind of an uphill battle rights and Bo were gonna we're gonna really conquer listen Morgan and become a smoke free Oregon. There LC did that we need to know for me. Yeah I mean not quitting tobacco is tired and we know from talking with people who've been successful quitting that the more help one has. The more likely there to be successful though as I mentioned quit lions and talking your health care provider are big part of that and things like tobacco free parks. And smoke free outdoor areas to help people who wanna quit using tobacco exceed and so when a community talk for more opportunities for people to enjoy themselves about tobacco. We can all breathe eat here and support help for all oregonians. That's also had a nice and coherent and the radio station Wii and part of our insurance policy is if you are a smoker you can give it's part of a cessation program going through the insurance which is also disgraced. Absolutely and that is something that is being implemented across many health plans in the debate and definitely a part of that Affordable Care Act is. Our around that benefits for tobacco the patient so we're really excited to see that that happening at the national level as well as the state level. Tell us again about the the costs involved in in tobacco use. Because it's a standing. So. In or again the tougher tobacco use one point four billion per year in healthcare costs and lost productivity. Now with a lot of money being spent come on folks that are using tobacco and their health care act. Yeah crazy act. I think we'll end on that because that's what that's an astounding number one point four billion just in Oregon yet. Good heavens well syrup Pope health systems policy specialist in the Oregon public health division's health promotion and chronic disease prevention six and thanks Roloson recent today and thanks for being a microscope. 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