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Christina - Grammys vs Brit Awards

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Thu, 1 Mar 2012|

Christina - Grammys vs Brit Awards


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You know you get rid of mortgage there that way. Of course the question ask girl like you went back to -- it how. Keep the -- strategically placed all night and he very well. And well I -- he had eaten. England and perhaps -- -- Were eight and that rain down but it is completely. -- on top. So I had little me. -- it's. Behind. And it's not that much he loved me and I'm glad that it went right now I think. This billion. Hello again who -- yeah play. Stories in the -- without accidentally hit. It. And having. He thinks she million dollars entry into the electorate. Brainer. -- it could -- on me. We weren't sure things -- -- the lives. So when -- well -- the birds there hey alcohol involved. What can I say yeah yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- --