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Ed Sheeran Answers The Buzz's Questions!

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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Ed Sheeran Answers The Buzz's Questions!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Do you think of the American relationships you might be it expert. Is it that you. That okay. -- -- Well welcome back to Portland. And it's part of -- yeah. Last year it hurt us. There. -- -- -- -- And. They experience. I like individual shows your change. -- yeah hearing on narrative on. Someone wins the lives of those who. You got the -- -- -- -- Witnesses title well that Iraq well they do with the heads. And yeah. And -- actually. You. Hit. On this of course take that. Hair and he had yeah. Yeah it's like humans -- you. It's bad. He's. My diving volleys. -- OK okay it's. -- that's. Yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- That there are thank you obviously. He's -- and below his party. In -- yeah. That. Stories. Good news and quite creatively. There -- Yeah. Yeah its. It or is it Lou Hoover. Yeah I use -- -- total. -- Japanese people. Think. And look through that -- You know. Yeah. -- The -- Yeah. And yes I think they have -- today. It's. Didn't. Very. Important. Quote. You. OK. Yeah. Betty thanks. Yeah. That he -- an interesting. -- -- who -- is yeah. How is that day I ask you -- -- that. Who. And yeah. -- -- -- -- -- It's. -- It you look at -- tomorrow I'll just ahead yeah there's. Okay. Yeah. -- The open that problems. You. Yeah. A dark -- and others. I think. -- That is done. -- -- Do you. Think that opens next. It. The tee boxes. -- -- He's good. Every day we C I'm Matthew well. Like quality it did an interview. Well. Straight -- -- -- -- It's. Often roommates. So. Yeah first. Dig. If you. He's he lets you know -- terrible record so. Teammates didn't live. Played -- so it. It's. That -- I don't really eat it right here you update at least he has one thing. Oh yeah. When you hear about -- and it appears. I was really pats lose well it. Actually you're being and I think. He's really asked well and then -- it -- -- it -- this problem really -- does match. Is it that. Thousands. Telegraph. That. Okay I went into. -- -- here today and play in bunches up. -- -- -- Are you looking that he operations that you mentioned your car called green and -- -- anybody else that your view one where it's. Chile -- for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Yeah. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. -- you. Courses. Through that. Game. We'll she very very different. The American it. Very -- It's. And they have understood. He's. Yeah. What else she didn't -- -- he just does. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It. Criminal minds. It's. -- Yes you that it. -- Well. I think she got -- that it. -- -- We'll. Long. Pretty we you. This isn't happy as a Larry's car. -- -- -- -- -- -- India he. -- movement and who had to crank question here humor. And I don't. -- So. I'd be so. Actually you don't. -- Yes -- everything happens news. -- -- -- It is going left like media problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that balance the press. -- Could it actually ended. More that we well and that we need to do if he's -- Yeah -- that statement like. That. I think I think -- -- That goal and two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is. Took pictures on caps and it really -- about. It's. Just he hit. -- -- I think -- What. That happens you. Straight out. -- It is. -- Okay. Yeah. Yeah hate is our. It's. Series. But it does -- It. I bet you. Yeah problems most. Yeah. Yeah. It. Keep in mind. And these. Zionists here. -- -- -- Yeah. That. Yeah and advance it one day I just -- One. Is that would have stressed it's. -- -- You know let it go. -- It's. Sea breeze day in -- Making them. Let there wouldn't -- like that it can't go. It kind of gotten a little bit too much in the system or -- let it worries worries about its own. Give us. -- me. Being in Karachi -- it happened. So. She's threw out here. So -- jobs. Is that is recouped. I do yeah -- Yeah. It. Wouldn't it where oaks. -- Though do you play Atlanta when that. -- -- Do I have like unlimited strict Brian again OK that'd -- The which. There is that sort is there yeah. Yeah it -- Here. Yeah. -- friends who. It would aggregate stroke within the let me. Absolutely -- today's kids that I have yet we to a truck Eric what do we have -- Compromise. He's just making that. -- blogger and you know IRO. I think I did make me that's the only place I was was there but. One. I've -- yet. Yes -- the. Harris yeah. Well thank you. I thought the heat policy group. Yeah. That -- that kind of let it -- it's. How -- PDA on our users are. Actually it. They're both -- like the basic things. So probably over president it's appropriate that fast. Like stay -- That. Thank you look up early to see new -- stuff that. I just kind of cool things I've -- quite quickly -- we're. Yeah that. -- it goes yet and that. It. They're we what else. Should. You it is -- That's -- it's simple news. Yeah. I don't if it was us -- don't. If there is that what do you think. -- -- the yes. -- -- -- It is here to be gangs it. Yeah. He. Well he rightly that credit cards happened. Chocolates and -- that burn -- ten. You want any secrets that. What. -- Yeah. What if they -- Well.