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Ed Sheeran Answers The Buzz's Questions!

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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Ed Sheeran Answers The Buzz's Questions!


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And it. Yeah it's just. An American visions that you might be something that's expert. It just can't see. Lapses. That won't use. It he. Well welcome back to work and this credit markets yeah. Less accurate years and it's it's hard. This last. As being little spurs are. I can't. So. It's. And and a house. It was it was fun responds it's definitely. Let me who has your object. Today. We. The where you pay taxes on. And we. Hope well. That Iraq quote they do with the head spot at the likely consequences. I might. Then it feels he is. Yeah. Yes very cents. Expert tailored Selena. Yeah yeah. Loneliness are out of proportion tailor make that call. Harry and he had can you. Mr. I have save its sense. She said. My god be my you will. So that's what analysts say. Eight. But they're heroes that you obviously. He's acreage and Nickelodeon. Cartoon. It. Today she loves these players. There's stories. And you're saying hey it's over quite creative ways. There aren't that there is not. Is there. And you might differences. Eight or seeking him for me. Yeah. The jeopardy. Those books provision. I got me. I. Like. Sick yeah. Yeah yeah. Because I was and other. Yes I think later this. Stuff. It is. It's he's well. Very. What. And quote. I. You. It's. If you ask what was the thing. It shouldn't. Wouldn't you miles an interesting picture back. They have the weapons and. How do you say that day I ask you age there's that. You speak that has brought us. I'll friends. Think I presently. As you wouldn't tour. I'm just saying you. Base. Cheat sheet. Dome today. Blum blondes. I'll call him. Well it. Credit a dark there's another change. I think. It's fun Johnson. Good stuff. Any place in Nashville and spent much. I could ever experience. Still. It Hitler's. Action news. He's office's board. Who ends up just like. I'm Matthew quote like oh well let it be good enough he will. What. Something that you have a these boxes. Up. Straight through the rules of let's. It was awesome roommate Tony Pena. So. Just. You know first. If you. It's cool he whispered. Certainly so. He makes brilliant blue. What happens xxx. Way. He's. Yeah it right here you know these he has. One thing. We hear about your and it's. Leaders in our conference. I was really impressed most well actually human being and I think he's really fast. And Britain where it pops this column you're really site is actually. It is. Sometimes. Some right. I went end. We've recruited him I play him what he's up. Old old. The yeah. But he putt broke huge. So. Hey are you looking at any operations that you mentioned your work. Absolutely agree impediment is anybody else that your view one where weapons. Julie Julie and me. Yeah. Yeah. That's. What do you that are here. It's really. Long. It's. And this is. That. Oval. Day. Thought. He's unity you know life victory age. I throw the ball. Oh. One place. Or it. Courses that's. That. If great. He's very very things he. The other thing yeah. So it's very dry. This is. And I didn't notice. She. Yeah. What else she's. Steve case. We just both like. Eight under and stuff but she may be yeah. But it. Current ones yeah. Does. Yes you is that. It. She really. And basically she gets the that. She. As he makes things. This is. I Larry it's. It's mostly. An audio settings across TV and you movement and it's not who had a drink last spring here and you're. Ask and it I. I get police eight. Things so my hands. SP what so this. Actually it. We'll. Yes you see so news. Not on me whether covering. So. These go left like media problem. It's. BP CEO of an age. Plan that balance just see press. It about a thousand. Every ended violence more. Is that we don't get it at all or. As we need to do in ages I won't be best. Yet another part of life but it saved my life. Does being. Eight. That place. Very. He. Good thing bad thing about it. Candles. If yeah me. Back home. Bulgarians here. Those kind of gave happiness love and looking after. How's how's that his greatest thing. Just breakfast. Six. There's. The picture. On caps and it really really high about. It's. That he. Yes you. Couch. Just. This I think that it. What. But they had these T. Straight pass it's at that house. Be. House. And you know. Home who has hey it's part. There's. But successful movies these days ago. That's. Thank you. Yeah for months months. Yeah. Keep in mind and he's it. Sites that share. We've had from her okay. And I have that one day a life let us live. One he's it's. If that would have stresses that you. If prop. Died before him. Obviously every day and wait. Asking yourself yeah. Split where what what are like that it can't go he can't go a little bit too much influence them or they've let worries worries about its own. Save us. Who. Me. Being that comes your way it happened. It's. Spain. She threw out here. So twelve hours. Recouped. You. Bit. You. Wouldn't it where polls. That makes. The. So do you play Atlanta I'm wondering exactly. Fast. To a public commons it's very thorough and I'm OK he's you know. The it in which to me that there. Is that a source close to zero. And and it. Does. Any of that stuff out. Yeah. My American friends will be yet. Aggregate stroke we've been obviously it means rapid. We'll meet the president gets that I yet which who would try to urge the bill yet yeah that he. Compromise ma and anything. It just made in the past. Should it. Water and you. I'm here aren't feeling any of our life. Are they going to make me that's the latest was there but. One. I've won yet it's. Being under sudden. Harris yeah. He's like yeah thank you I thought it's up to heat policy group. So. And he says yeah. This is. How on the PGA on our users are. I was very Butler who like the basic goodness by netherland. Like so hopefully we'll work friends. Fast. You might say it was on the stereo it's. That we. I know you are not very easy to do. I just got the ones who sings I don't quite quickly if we're. Yeah it. Go yeah it goes yet and I'll. Is there we what else. Should it hit a but you it is we've. That's what it's simple news. Well. I I have zero substance. He's device serial if we get to it. You see eye to see the yes. Using these pogo thing. Rates that. There Harris excuse me areas be some chips and it's amazing stuff yeah. We he we witness is what that he wrote really backed by credit cards happens. So does Chris. Ten. They call you one thing because it. What. Lots of hair yet what they say about her you. Well.